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    Exo Zombies DLC Trailer

    November 30, 2014 by KATANAGOD
    A new trailer was released 3 days ago; Somehow nobody on the news team seemed to notice.
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    Here’s the full list of game updates to the PC Version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Live as of 11/10/2014.

    • Adjustment to the in-game chat names notifications placement.
    • Fixed Prestige reset issues, including emblems and challenges.
    • Fixed marksman and camo challenges to not reset when you Prestige.
    • Connectivity optimizations for game servers.
    • Fixed issues with Ping Bar not updating correctly.
    • Fixed stats not accumulating towards leaderboards after Prestiging.
    • Adjustment to challenges to unlock camos for weapons.
    • Fixed round-based game modes, affecting Win/Loss ratios.
    • Implemented ability to unlock eSports Rule options in Private Match.
    • Fixed weapon reloads counting as speed reloads in certain circumstances.
    • Added description to reload informing …
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    Beanos notches. (i really don't know spanish) Welcome to another gripping and moving Weekly news segment. I'm your host, Kat. On to the news~!

    • Advanced Warfares Framerate Stronger on Xbox One, Resolution Stronger on Playstation 4
    • I assume everyone is too busy playing Advanced Warfare to post more news blogs.

    Finally, some interesting things happening in the forums. Somewhere, Shotrocket6 is smiling, with a single tear rolling down his cheek.

    Feel free participate in the following links!

    • Incorporating Wikia's Fancy new map feature
    • Monthly Newsletter Signups!
    • Discussion about wither we push new users away]
    • Weapon Guides!
    • Chat exposition!
    • An analysis on Clothing items in Advanced Warfare, And their position on the wiki!

    We currently have…

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    Hello everyone, kat here with another gripping segment of the official wiki news™. I know this is supposed to be made on Sundays, but really the fact that i remembered to do this a day after Sunday is an achievement. -

    • Capture the Flag confirmed for Advanced Warfare

    If you didn't already guess it, We have a few forums that have no activity.

    • Forum about quotes.
    • "Scribunto" aka Lua, the language from hell.
    • Removing our weekly news rotation schedule cause I'm really lazy
    • Capt. Miller Has an RfA open.

    Selfie- 07:30, June 23, 2014 (UTC)

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    Recently announced on treyarch's official website that I wont bother linking, Is the highly anticipated sequel to 2013's most beloved update to the worlds most popular franchise.

    Call of Duty: Ghosts 2: Dorito Warefare
    Official Cover for what's expected to be the most successful entertainment launch of all time.

    Spokesperson and Community manager for Infinity Ward, Robert bowling contacted and gave us a nice sneak peak at the next Call of Duty™ Game. We had the chance to speak with him in a one on one environment, And have a little Q&A.

    Robert Bowling, CEO of Infinity Ward

    Q: So Robert. (I can call you robert, right?) What exactly can you tell us about the new Game?

    A: Well, As hinted on the cover art we just revealed, we have altered the core g…

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