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In another riveting turn of events, a single leaked Image posted on a random image board has been confirmed as the real thing earlier this morning. The post on the image board in question had multiple citations and sources, stating his good friends father works at Treyarch. The Treyarch employee in question released a statement on the thread:

"Its totally real"
— Anonymous poster's father

As you can see this is as real as it gets. I'm happily proud to say that this is also an exclusive reveal for us here on the Wiki as no other site has appeared to write an article about said leak. As you can see below we've added our watermark which makes it 100% completely exclusive to our website. If anyone dares take this image and use it on another site we reserve the right to complain constantly about it.

Are you guys ready for the next DLC? Do you think Treyarch has blown it out of the water with this new DLC? Leave a comment and make sure you share this on every single possible social media outlet so we can get more page views! I seriously can't stress the need to share this as we make more money every time someone looks at the site. Facebook this. Twitter this. Anything. If you could actually turn off Adblock and then refresh the page a couple hundred times that would work too.

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