Kerri Amber Kerri Amber 15 June 2014

CoDWiki News - June 15th, 2014

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sactage here, bringing you the news for this week because the real news team is lazy (and they didn't go to E3)!

  • 1 Call of Duty News
  • 2 War Room
  • 3 Call of Duty Wiki News
  • 4 Polls

  • Induction, a single player level for AW was revealed
  • I don't have any pics or anything since cameras were forbidden in the demo room, but at E3 they showed us two other SP levels, Collapse and Bio Lab (they were SWEET).

Yoooo check out the forums below pleaseeeeee, they could totally use your input:

  • Black Ops II Community Event
  • Covering Call of Duty Merchandise
  • Regarding trivia sections
  • Forum:Changing the image blocking policy.
  • The Wiki and eSports
  • Removing the weekly news rota
  • Navigation subgroup template
  • Must Watch Videos
  • Revisiting Ghosts personalization …

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Kerri Amber Kerri Amber 5 November 2013

My first look at Ghosts MP

Hey guys! A few weeks ago, I had the chance to visit Infinity Ward's office over in LA and play some Ghosts MP before the game released. It was an awesome experience, and I'd like to share my first thoughts and opinions with you all.

The first thing I had the opportunity to do was set up some custom classes for use in Wargame. Since I'm used to playing a more "run-n-gun" play style, the first one I set up was the K7 with an RDS, settling with a PDW accompanied by a Tac Knife for a secondary weapon set. I also opted to make a shotgun-based class, the Tac 12 with slugs being my weapon of choice. As far as perks go, I chose Ready Up, Sleight of Hand, Blind Eye, Gambler, and Hardline for all of my classes to help out my playing style.

Once I was…

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Kerri Amber Kerri Amber 9 August 2013

Get your questions about Call of Duty: Ghosts answered by Infinity Ward!

Greetings CoD Wiki Community!

Wikia has an exciting opportunity to attend the Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal down in Los Angeles! We will be chatting with the developers of the game and we would love to get your questions answered in our video interview!

Curious to know what weapons will make an appearance, how the team is approaching level design, or what additional features they have in the pipes? Let us know any and all of your questions in the comments below and we will do our best to get them answered!

Be sure to get your questions in by Tuesday the 13th and we'll be back with more later!

The video has arrived! Check it out below!

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Kerri Amber Kerri Amber 25 April 2010


Whoohoo, I have 1000 edits now!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Just one questions: Does this mean I'm eligible to become an admin now? Just curious, I'm not setting up an RFA anytime soon.

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Kerri Amber Kerri Amber 5 June 2012



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