• Kerri Amber

    What I posted on MoD's Talk Page at his idiotic, piece of shit wiki, are not my real intententions. I was trying to infiltrate his "inner circle" if you will. Call me what you want, but I promise, I had no intention of doing any harm to this wiki. I asked 808 if I could, last night in IRC, and he said I could. You have to believe me, guys. Why would I want to work with MoD to bring down this beautiful wiki? Ever since I started here, I've made so many friends. I truely am sorry for anything I've caused. You guys remember when CoD4 made a suggestion on PGB's talk page at the BF wiki to bring down Griever with a coup d'etat? After I told griever, he and CoD4 got into a sort of fight, if you will. I tried to stop them, because I believed it w…

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  • Kerri Amber

    Done for the lulz!

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  • Kerri Amber


    May 18, 2010 by Kerri Amber

    Does anyone have a PS3 and MW2, whos either a) on right now, or b) can get on right now. I'm bored shitless, and home sick ALL day, so yeah. My psn is Sactage if you wanna add me.

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  • Kerri Amber

    Here are the users so far (by join order):

    1. Sactage
    2. Dolten
    3. Codexpert
    4. Delta 4-7
    5. Cpl. Dunn
    6. Cpt.Z
    7. W567123daniel
    8. Slowrider7
    9. Smuff
    10. DevilWarrior112
    11. WHISKEY35
    12. Squelliot
    13. Darthkenobi0

    Now, since might want to discuss this before we institute a vote: What is the group's primary goal? I was thinking anti-vandal work, and just helping the admin's in general. Also, what guidelines do we have for joining/keeping membership (such as edit count, no record of vandalism, etc.). Everyone, post your suggestions here!

    . We need the votes so It becomes official, and if I accept you, you can't vote for the group. Which is bad. So all the people who've said they'll join, vote Support for the group, then when it becomes official, I'll let you join.===

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  • Kerri Amber,, (

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