Today I wanted to discuss the four upgraded Wrath of the Ancients variants in Der Eisendrache from least to greatest. I know this is long overdue, but I doubt being timely matters on this wiki. Please bear in mind too that these are just my opinions, so if your's differ from mine that's fine, I'm not telling you you're wrong, we all have different opinions. So without further ado let's begin.

The Fire Bow

Kreeaho'ahm nal Ahmhogaroc third person BO3 Transparent

In my opinion, the Fire Bow is the weakest of the four. Now don't get me wrong I still like this bow and think it's very powerful. It's a great Wonder Weapon that does its job, but like I said it's much weaker compared to the other bows available. To give you an understanding why I feel this way about the Fire Bow, let's discuss its capabilities. A standard shot is simply a more powerful Wrath of the Ancients shot (which is good) with no real effects (which is disappointing). A charged shop will trap zombies into miniature fiery meteors (at least that's what they look like) burning them alive in the process. While both these characteristics are great, they aren't nearly as helpful as the characteristics of the other bows. A standard shot, while an improvement on the original, has no real effect as mentioned, making it less stellar than the other bows, and while charged shots are effective, they can't get you out of a horde nearly as well as the other three bows' charged shots. Not to mention the fact that this is the hardest and most obnoxious bow to obtain, so the while it's worth the effort, it is still disappointing when the other three are easier to obtain and far more powerful. Overall the Fire Bow as previously mentioned is still a great Wonder Weapon, but unfortunately, it's much weaker than the other three bows.

The Wolf Bow

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The Wolf Bow is the second weakest and third most powerful upgraded bow on here. It's an improvement on the Fire Bow on both capabilities and the process to obtain it. First what it's capable of. A standard shot much like the Fire Bow is far more powerful than a standard shot from the original bow, but this time it has an actual effect. When shot light blue mist will appear on both zombies killed and those near the ones you killed. While indeed it's not much it's still a cool little effect (something the Fire Bow lacks). A charged shot will fling zombies in front you across the air dissolving them in the process. This is especially useful for large hordes as it can provide an open exit to get out the zombies' way. And as mentioned the process to obtain it is not nearly as difficult or obnoxious as the Fire Bow, in fact, it's the easiest bow to get. This makes it a great bow for new players to start out with as they're getting adjusted to the more complex side of the map. In summary, the Wolf Bow improves upon the Fire Bow in almost every way, but despite all that, the reason why this one is at third place is that the next two improve even further than this one.

The Void Bow

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In second place we've got the Void Bow. This is both the second most powerful and second hardest bow to obtain in my opinion. A standard shot will kill any zombies on impact via miniature Keeper skulls, which can kill both a horde and zombies nearby. A charged shot is double the damage of a standard one and will summon a huge portal releasing a plethora of Keeper skulls killing both large hordes and almost any zombie nearby, this is really useful when you start to get swarmed in a room (especially a tight one). However, the process to obtain it is extremely difficult. It's basically a big memory game, but if you have a cheat sheet (which I do on my smartphone) this won't be much of a problem. In the end, the Void Bow is a fantastic Wonder Weapon and worth the effort of getting, and while the process to obtain it can be hard, if you have the necessary items to get past its difficulty, it's a walk in the park to get. But the bow that I'm about to talk about next exceeds every other upgraded bow available in Der Eisendrache by a long shot. So without wasting any more of your time let's talk about the next upgraded bow on here.

The Storm Bow

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The Storm Bow is, in my opinion, the most powerful and second easiest upgraded bow to obtain in Der Eisendrache. So as before let's talk about what it's capable of. A standard shot will kill any zombies impacted by the bow and an electric ball will spawn killing any zombies nearby. A charged shot will spawn a large electric tornado killing both every zombie impacted by the shot and every zombie nearby. This is extremely useful for escaping a large horde of zombies, reviving downed teammates, and taking out a Panzersoldat. Obtaining the Storm Bow is easier than both the Fire and Void Bow, but slightly more difficult than the Wolf Bow, mainly in regards to the fourth step as one of the bonfires can be very hit or miss. Overall the Storm Bow is, in my opinion, the strongest bow in Der Eisendrache, and while step four of obtaining the bow can be difficult at times, it's more tolerable than the Fire Bow (and to a lesser extent the Void Bow).


So there you go, the four upgraded Wrath of the Ancients bows ordered from least to greatest. Tell me what you guys thought in the comments below, and tell me how you would personally order them from least to greatest. Goodbye for now!