• Knotdead Yett

    Resurgance Pack

    July 8, 2010 by Knotdead Yett

    Anyone know when the Resurance Pack will start going into TDM rotation? So you dont have to play the Mosh Pit for the new maps.

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  • Knotdead Yett

    Well me and 4 other friends where playing...kicking ass and taking names. The match is about to start the count down is going and we are in Wastelands. We hear through the mic of the random teammate, given to us seeing how we only had 5.

    "Good we are not on the same team now we can nuke boost. Look at my screen and this is were we are going to do it."

    I instantly message all friend saying.. "Let them Boost, I will take him out before he gets it!"

    So I bum rush him so he can kill me just to see what his perks were. Marathon, Harline, and Ninja. So I know I need to stop him at 23.

    He get his Harrier, I shoot it down when he got to 12 kills. Calls out his Chopper Gunner and Message friend to shoot one Stinger at it. So at 20 Kills I drop h…

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  • Knotdead Yett


    May 18, 2010 by Knotdead Yett

    Well went to court to try and get my ticket reduce from approx 900bucks to hopefully half or so... I ended up getting it reduce to $100 and $85 court fee!!!!

    Well I am Feeling Lucky off to the PS3 to kill people on MW2!!! Join me if you want! PSN: KnotDead_Yett!

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  • Knotdead Yett

    I am curious to hear what everyones Best match they had was?

    Game Type: Map: 
    Killstreak Setup:
    Special Equipment:
    K/D ratio:

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  • Knotdead Yett

    Here is a joke a friend e-mailed me, and I thought I would Share it!

    A guy calls a company and orders their 5-day, 10 lb. weight loss program..

    The next day, there's a knock on the door and there stands before him a voluptuous, athletic, 19 year old babe dressed in nothing but a pair of Nike running shoes and a sign around her neck.

    She introduces herself as a representative of the weight loss company.

    The sign reads, 'If you can catch me, you can have me.' Without a second thought, he takes off after her. A few miles later huffing and puffing, he finally gives up..

    The same girl shows up for the next four days and the same thing happens.

    On the fifth day, he weighs himself and is delighted to find he has lost 10 lbs. as …

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