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Hello everyone, Legos here with some important news on Call of Duty: Heroes. Let's see if I still remember how to do these.

Recently, Call of Duty: Heroes had a lot of issues regarding their servers. This prevented players from playing the game, and resulted in many players losing their supplies of gold, oil, and diamonds. The game's team released two Facebook posts responding to this. Here is what they say:

Post 1

"Attention Commanders,

As you know, we experienced some server issues this past weekend which affected certain areas of the game. Since the occurrence of these issues, we have been working with our service provider to improve server performance. We have already upgraded server hardware to newer processors to account for the Intel CPU efficiency loss and made improvements to our databases .

We are aware that these issues had an adverse effect on gameplay, especially with the start of Global Conflict. To rectify these server issues, we are sending everyone a gift of 15,000 Cryptokeys on top of the previous Celerium gift sent out last week. We will also be running a Black Market event next week where we will reduce the cost of many of the items in the Black Market, as well as improve some of the items in the Mystery Box permanently. We know these issues were discouraging and we hope this helps to make up for them.

Lastly, for the few players who lost resources due to the server issues, we will work directly with them via their support tickets.

We have appreciated your patience while we sort these issues out and we will continue to monitor performance and make improvements over the coming months.


The CoD: Heroes Team"[1]

Post 2

"Attention Commanders,

As a result of the server issues last week, a handful of players were affected by a loss of resources. In order to resolve this issue for those few players, we were working to recover these resources through support tickets. Unfortunately the logs were also affected by the CPU vulnerability fix and we were unable to recover the data.

In order to make good on these issues and as a thanks to the community, we will be sending out one last gift!

In addition to the previous Celerium gift AND the large gift of Cryptokeys, we will be sending out one more Celerium gift. This gift will be sent out early next week to ALL players based on CC level. We know that this isn’t the best solution, but this should help in restoring not only what was lost, but also to make up for the unpredictable server issues as we continue to proactively improve game stability.

Again we apologize and thank you for your feedback and understanding and we will post an update early next week once this gift has been sent out.

Lastly, we do appreciate having a strong tight community of players like you that have been with us for so many years. We all have worked on this game since launch (over 3 years ago!) and we have cool plans for 2018 :)

4.6 update is just around the corner with a new Hero (yay?) and we already started thinking of 4.7 and beyond!


-The Call of Duty: Heroes Team"[2]


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What This Means

So firstly, there are two gifts which all players will receive. The first is 15,000 Cryptokeys, which expires in four days (January 20th, 2018). The second is 5000 Celerium, which expires in five days (January 21st, 2018). So make sure to claim both of them!

In addition, it seems as though update 4.6 is right around the corner, and may come with a new hero.

Finally, taking a look at the game's calendar, there is several events happening right now, including bonus medals in Survival Mode. So make sure to complete those for additional rewards!

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