this is the story of avatar the last airbender and how it became a philososphy upon many civilizations throughout history:

once upon a time there was a mystery man named avatar and he was quite the man. he scaled cities with his forehead and jumped across worlds with his typhoons of air. he had lovely children that didnd't exist due to global warming, so he had to postpone the foreclosure of his childhood. he now lives in panama with his uncle soen and his aunt rafaiel...

...or so we thought. it turns out avatar was actually a robot sent to earth in the year 40, and has been spying on the world with his everlasting loving eyes of glory. he looks and the man looks up, and says to thee: "i do" and then the apaocalypse.

granted the ability of avatar, he still wasn't an almigty god like he wished to be....he was only a savior of the truth. he went up to the paws of life, and placed his hands within, for only holy matranomy can declare war upon the coco. miley cyrus has a battle with avatar and the world is saveed NOT BECause avatar saved it but becaues miley couldnt fallover in time and the world was saved.

what can we learn from this story?

  1. avatar is a feature on xbox live where you can try to fake how you look online with hardcore cgi
  2. miley cyrus cannot save the world unless the time is 6 pm sharp on a saturday with omens.
  3. can the armour? not really.

as i depart i wil shower my wisdom once more, but not for another million years. goodbye!

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