Welcome, CoD players from all around! Welcome to PROJECT: Man with the golden Gun (P:MwtGG); my quest to get not only gold camouflage for every primary weapon in MW3, but get max proficiency with every secondary (yes, that includes launchers), and just maybe, get a MOAB. The history of Project MwtGG was before I prestiged, near the middle of it, when my friend told quote "After I prestige, I'm going to get gold with every gun, then never this game again". He was joking, but I decided that it was a good idea. So, once I prestiged, and reached level 4, I set up my classes to have the basic weapons for each gun type (ARs, SMGs, Shotguns, Snipers, and LMGs), and my quest began! I am currently attempting to get gold with the M4A1 (my personal favorite gun in the game). Follow me, and show support! Join the Elite Group ProjectGoldGun. My Gamertag is SenorPhilberto1, and I'm NOT on PS3. That's it, and once I get a capture card, I'll make a Youtube channel to chronicle my progess.