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    Yo homies welcome along to the Call of Duty Wiki News for May 9th 2015 (I hope you like animated gifs edition). I'm doing it a day early so NO ONE STEALS IT FROM ME

    • The 'M1 Irons' revolver was revealed and then released on XBOX ONE and XBOX 360 on May 5th.
      • However according to HIGH MOON STUDIOS the release date for the 'M1 Irons' for PS3 is "TBA"
    • Advanced Warfare was patched on 360 and the patch notes were released

    Now onto the CoD Wiki community news:

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    • foRUmS
    • FORUMS.
    • CoDE-2K has an idea on how to deal with campers in BO3

    Ok now it's time for the world news: (AS IN VIDEO GAMES AND SUPERHERO STUFF YEAAAAAAAH)

    (this is only stuff i like cos its my blog)

    • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was renewed for a 3rd Season and AGENT CARTER WAS RENEWED FOR A 2ND…

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    treyarch why

    April 26, 2015 by N7

    treyarch what have you done??? after watching the new BO3 trailer it looks again like you are trying to bring innovation to the cod franchise!!! WHY??

    if you actually knew your fans you would know we prefer every game to play exactly the same, why didn't you not just make world at war 2??? Or even better just port WAW1 over to next gen!!! WHY TREYARCH!!!!!

    The new specalist claSs system wtf is that?? i dont want my arm to turn into a mingun i mean that totally doesnt sound cool at all, just let me shoot generic people with generic guns

    Oh and youve said no exos but your bloody robot legs is basically just exos!! WHY TREYARCH!!!! I dont want to fly around the map like im bloody sonic the hedgehog, i wanna just walk around really slowly and sho…

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    April 9, 2015 by N7

    The day has finally come, TREYARCH have announced CALL OF DUTY: WORLD AT WAR 2!!! The game all COD fans have been waiting for since World at War came out 7 years ago!!! Now we can expect more of this:



    and this:


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    cos every fricker was telling me cod advance wars is the best cod since call of duty 3 i thought dam dude i better buy it so i brought it for ps3 (xb1 has halo so i wouldnt play it) so these are my first impressions after playing 2 missions so minor game of thrones season 7 spoilers

    looks like a wii game


    generic as frick cant belibe lex luthor is in it he was rubbish in man of steel but i thought it was pretty cool that you have a boyfriend but he died rip first homosexual cod character

    1/10 for gay character bringing diversity to cod

    gameplay is pretty fun i like jumping around with your mario super jump and stuff and the aimbot grenade that shows commies through the walls thats sik m80 but for some reason i suck at the game and keep gett…

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    so the other day i got call of duty ghosts free with my xbox one so i thought id give the campaign a try and dis is my review: (ps this review has spoilers from an old ass game from like 2013)

    as you can see cod ghosts makes a lot of use out of the xbox ones superior power

    the graphics in cod ghosts were actually pretty good i gotta admit, running at a smooth 10fps and in 240p it made the most out of the xbox ones powerfulness. the only thing that looked fuckin ugly was the explosions which just look so bad and look the same as they did in the last 50 cod of duty games

    overall for graphics: 8/10 actually not that bad

    lol get it cod: ghostBUSTERS hahahahaha

    the storyline is super cool (in theory) like normally the enemy in FPS games are commies …

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