cos every fricker was telling me cod advance wars is the best cod since call of duty 3 i thought dam dude i better buy it so i brought it for ps3 (xb1 has halo so i wouldnt play it) so these are my first impressions after playing 2 missions so minor game of thrones season 7 spoilers


looks like a wii game



generic as frick cant belibe lex luthor is in it he was rubbish in man of steel but i thought it was pretty cool that you have a boyfriend but he died rip first homosexual cod character

1/10 for gay character bringing diversity to cod


gameplay is pretty fun i like jumping around with your mario super jump and stuff and the aimbot grenade that shows commies through the walls thats sik m80 but for some reason i suck at the game and keep gettin killed so for that



best cod game i've ever played so far i reckon this will get goty 2014 and 2015 its that good!!! TREYARCH ARE BACK thanks robert bowling


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