1.How has it been working as woods, how much input do you get into what goes on, how much can you reveal to us or hint to us and fave thing working on black ops 1 or 2 so far. - Asked by Jererulz

It's the best job in the world for me...I get to play army and act like a badass...and the only danger to my health is eating too much at lunch.
BOPS is very much, a collaborative effort, I am fortunate enough to have the trust of the writers, producers and directors which allows me to add my ideas to the 'soup" SO TO SPEAK.
MY FAV thing on BOPS 2..has been the working with the other actors involved..they are all exceptional and make my job easier.

2.What exactly is The Vault? - Asked by Yugiohtipman34

Not sure I can reveal that just yet..

3.How many decisions are we given throughout the course of the game? - Asked by TheSackboy17

More than 1 less than a 100.

4.Will the character Price, as mentioned in Operation Charybdis intel, be present in BO2 and if so is he of any affiliation to the Price of the MW series. - Asked by The--Red--Devil

no Price is the property of the INFINITY WARD side...there is no crossover that I know of.

5.Did you have a strict script for your role of Frank Woods, or did you have some ability to improvise and slightly adapt it to your style? - Asked by TheLiberation

yes, long as it meets the requirements of the plot.

6.What kind of feelings do you get working on such a popular game series when the game is released and you get to see all of your work come together? - 'Asked by Joe Copp'

It's is a privilege to be working with such a group of highly talented and skilled group...if game makers were the NHL..then Treyarch would be the LA KINGS.....

7.Is Mason sane by the events of BO 2? - Asked by 'Soap's Soap

hard to tell.

8.What's your favorite gun, Be it on Black ops, Black Ops 2 or Real life? - Asked by IAmMclovin117

Do not call it a it a game and in real life...(A6 also).

9.What was your favorite moment in voice acting or motion capture sessions? - Asked by Watthecrap'

the prep room, we have a blast......check the vides on the sgtfrankwoods youtube channel

10.Beyond Woods, Mason and possibly Reznov, will we be seeing any more friendly faces returning from previous games? - Asked by Crazy sam10

.yes there will be returning characters.

11.Do you have a favorite moment in the Black Ops II campaign? If so, can you tell us about it? - Asked by 'ShortRoundMcFly

.ask me after the release I have many...
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