Update from Imrlybord7: The quickscopers rallied to try to get quickscoping back in Black Ops. David "Vahn" Vonderhaar, Treyarch's lead multiplayer designer, started a thread on the official CoD HQ forums. It was decided that quickscoping will be possible in Black Ops, but it will be more difficult than in previous CoD games.

"My main point is made. Decisions are sometimes controversial. Communities are divided. For every person who doesn't like Quick Scoping I can find just as many who do. Somewhere in the middle is the answer. Quick-scoping will be harder to do in Black Ops. How much harder is something we will work with you to figure out."

Some footage of a player quickscoping was taken from the closed beta of the game, but during a Q&A session on Twitter, Treyarch’s community manger Josh Olin answered some direct questions about whether or not quickscoping will be included in the game.

When simply asked if quickscoping will be possible in Black Ops, Olin replied

"No. Quickscoping is a cheap way to play. We’re specifically going to gimp Quickscoping, sorry. Play straight-up!”

A few other users asked if he was ‘joking’ about the above comment, he later replied

”Nope. Quickscoping is way more annoying to a way larger group of people than the quickscoping community who loves to do it. #cheap”.


This was part of an #AskJD thing on Twitter. A couple of other thing found from the event:

  • @SoldierBoy321 No Stopping Power, No Juggernaut, No Deathstreaks in #CODBlackOps.
  • (About Prestige mode) @BrendanSilent Everything you unlocked resets and has to be re-purchased (even COD Points reset). Your emblems, however, will remain.
  • (About vehicles) @gromcracker Not like Tanks in #CoDWaW, but yes there are controllable vehicles - i.e. Gunship, RC-XD (they are Killstreaks).
  • (About gibbing in multiplayer) @TacInsertion In MP? Because we used the memory saved to make tons more customization options I think were more valuable than flying limbs.
  • (About one shot sniper rifles) @SideWinder_x Not always. Upper Torso and Head will be, though. You still need to be a good shot with it.
  • (About private match settings)@tpgaubert Very in-depth... More to be revealed soon =).
  • (About a Co-Op reveal) @Stevensosaramos We have (revealed it). It's Zombies.
  • (About re using the MW2 engine) @SuckaB Nope. It's a heavily modified / enhanced #CoDWaW engine.
  • (About the new report system) @KehJay You select a player, view his Player Card, and click one of the options under the "Report Player" menu (Boosting, Cheating, etc).
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