Note: Almost none of this is officially confirmed so could therefore be completely wrong

  • Ok firstly, there will be another Call of Duty game and it will come out this year[1], so there is no no need to worry or make a post saying that CoD is going to die soon.
  • Sledgehammer Games are most probably making it as they are currently making a Call of Duty game.[2] It is not known if the game they are working on will come out this year though or if it will be the third person action adventure game they were working on before they were asked to help Infinity Ward with Modern Warfare 3.
  • Their game will feature a helicopter.[3]
  • Their game will probably be a Modern Warfare game because some guy said he's making "real visual effects for the next Call of Duty – Modern Warfare release."[4].
  • Sledgehammer's games will have "hyper realistic textures for next gen materials", which basically means it will be on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  • HOWEVER: Professional badass James C. Burns (aka Frank Woods said in one of his videos that he had "some information coming up later on ... about the next Black Ops game... not the next Black Ops... the next Call of Duty game" and that he "just gave something away."[5] Later, he tweeted that he "can neither confirm nor deny the existence of Black Ops 3, or any other Call Of Duty project."[6] Which isn't exactly a no...

So basically what we really know about the next Call of Duty game is... not a lot. We know there will be one this year and that it may be made by Sledgehammer Games or Treyarch. We do at least know that the next Sledgehammer game will be on next gen consoles, possibly be a Modern Warfare game and most importantly feature helicopters.

What would you like to see for the next Call of Duty game? What would you improve from Call of Duty: Ghosts? Let us know in the comments!

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