Create your own custom-made perks here. Add the pro version of your perks too. You may also create your own Death Streak reward too.

Here are a list of perks that I made up myself:

My Custom List of CoD:MW2 Perks

Here is the list. Here are what these extras mean:

NOTES: Other information about the perk.

ICON: What the perk would look like (without the basic or pro background).

Perk 1

  • Skill Up: Increases XP that you gain during the match by 20%.
    • Skill Up Pro: + Increases bonus XP that you gain after the match by 20%. (UNLOCK: Win 25 matches with Skill Up.)
    • NOTE: This perk is very useful a lot for leveling up but then it becomes useless once your at Lv. 70, and have the next Prestige Mode unlocked from leveling up since you would no longer level up until entering Prestige Mode.
    • ICON: LV (arrow up).
  • Ghostly Ethereal: Makes your body transparent while not shooting.
    • Ghostly Ethereal Pro: + Players and bullets can go through you with no damage if your in stationary. (UNLOCK: Get shot by 200 bullets with Ghostly Ethereal.)
    • NOTE: You become slightly invisible when your not shooting. When you are completely still and not shooting, players and bullets can go through your body but any explosions next to you may kill you.
    • ICON: Spector; Ghost.
  • Active Reload: Reload again at the right time to reload faster. If reload again at the wrong time, reload takes longer.
    • Active Reload Pro: + Extra damage for perfect reloaded ammo. (UNLOCK: Active reload 50 times.)
    • NOTE: This perk is very similar to the reloading system in Gears of War.
    • ICON: Reloading pistol.
  • Predator's Eye: Makes auto-aiming wider while aiming down the sight (ADS).
    • Predator's Eye Pro: + Increases auto-aiming range. (UNLOCK: Kill 80 enemies while ADS with Predator's Eye.)
    • ICON: Eagle Eye
  • Katana: Replaces your Secondary Weapon and your knife with a Katana sword.
    • Katana Pro: + Increases slashing speed while wielding your Primary Weapon and stabbing speed while wielding this weapon (perk). (UNLOCK: Kill 100 enemies with the Katana.)
    • NOTE: If you melee with your Primary Weapon (unless if it's Riot Shield), you will quickly switch weapons with the Katana and slash with it. ADS with the Katana may block several bullets in front of you. While wielding the Katana, pressing the shooting button will slash and pressing the melee button will stab.
    • ICON: Katana; Sword, pointing upper-right.

Perk 2

  • Cluster Bomb: Creates multiple explosions from your explosive devices and grenades. (Including Thumper and Grenade Launcher attachments)
    • Cluster Bomb Pro: + Multiple explosions from your other launchers and kill streak rewards. (UNLOCK: Kill 150 enemies using explosive devices or grenade launchers with Cluster Bomb.)
    • ICON: 3 small explosions together.
  • Constitution: Increases health.
    • Constitution Pro: + Increases health recovery. (UNLOCK: Recover from serious injury 50 times with Constitution.)
    • NOTE: This is a recreation of CoD4's Juggernaut perk.
    • ICON: Pink heart.
  • Double-Edge: Increases all damage you inflict but you take 1/3 damage for each damage.
    • Double-Edge Pro: + You now take 1/4 damage that you inflict to enemies. (UNLOCK: Kill 200 enemies with this perk.)
    • NOTE: Double-Edge (normal) is similar to Stopping Power Pro but you take damage. Becareful when using this perk while firing off explosions as you may die too.
    • ICON: Elbow tackle.
  • Spike Armor: Inflicts damage to enemies that are physically touching you (next to you or melee attacks).
    • Spike Armor Pro: Kills the enemy physically touching you. (UNLOCK: Damage 30 enemies touching you with this perk.)
    • NOTE: If you get melee attacked, you take damage before your opponent takes the recoiled damage from this perk.
    • ICON: Spiked plate armor.
  • Turtle Armor: Increases your bullet resistance.
    • Turtle Armor Pro: + Increases explosive resistance when not standing. (UNLOCK: Survive 200 bullets with this perk.)
    • NOTE: Combine Turtle Armor Pro, Blast Shield (equipment), and Riot Shield on your back and you will be able to survive a predator missile or an AC-130 105mm cannon landing on top of your back.
    • ICON: Turtle shell.

Perk 3

  • Acrobat: Higher jumps.
    • Acrobat Pro: + Survive from jumping high surface. (UNLOCK: Survive jumping from 10 m or higher 70 times with Acrobat.)
    • NOTE: Acrobat Pro is similar to the pro version effect of Commando. You will be able to long jump with this and Lightweight.
    • ICON: Stick figure jumping.
  • Rear Sight: Press Down on the D-Pad to look behind you. You may shoot behind you.
    • Rear Sight Pro: + Knife from behind. (UNLOCK: Kill 50 enemies while looking backwards.)
    • ICON: Eyes looking to the right (it's view = left).
  • Sixth Sense: Reveals enemies on your radar that are observed on your screen.
    • Sixth Sense Pro: + Reveals enemies on your radar surrounding you within 15 m radius. (UNLOCK: Get 50 close range kills with Sixth Sense.)
    • ICON: Eyes closed.
  • Stealth Ambush: Don't show up on nearby enemies' radar when shooting.
    • Stealth Ambush Pro: + Undetectable from enemy kill streak rewards. (UNLOCK: Get 60 close range kills with Stealth Ambush.)
    • ICON: Bush with gun popping out.
  • Survive: Retain 1 HP instead of dying unless knifed.
    • Survive Pro: + Survive a single knife attack while at full health. (UNLOCK: Recover from serious injury 30 times with Survive.)
    • ICON: Yellow heart.

Death Streak

  • Berserk: Increases your running speed and attack damages for 30 seconds. (6 Deaths)
    • ICON: Angry face.
  • Death Curse: Your killer dies instantly. (5 Deaths)
    • NOTE: You don't gain XP or kill from this death streak reward when your killer dies.
    • ICON: Purple skull.
  • Divine Redemption: For 30 seconds you are invincible and you can kill enemies in one shot. (10 Deaths)
    • ICON: White curved "+" (as a star)
  • Reborn Undead: Respawn at the same spot you died and take no bullet damage for 10 seconds. (4 Deaths)
    • ICON: Zombie head.
  • Self-Destruct: Corpse explodes after 2 seconds of death. (4 Deaths)
    • ICON: Exploding head.
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