Even though at first I didn't like the idea of Moon and getting the WaW maps, I grew accustomed to the idea and now might definitely get it. Anyways, here are some of my theories about the DLC:

1. Richtofen's master plan will involve something happening to the earth, like a huge light or something erupting from it.

2. Astronaut zombies will explode when shot on the moon's surface or the low gravity area.

3. The QED has many different effects each time thrown, like a matryoska (damn spelling) doll-like effect, a huge singular explosion, or turning zombies around it into phasing zombies. (I got this from someone else but forgot who, if you see this blog, please credit yourself.)

4. The easter egg will probably be chunks of 115 like the last times.

5. The hacking could be to activate defences or unlocking a door to another area.

6. Area 51 won't just be a PaP area, and you could possibly teleport there freely, but the Hangar is the PaP area, not the surrounding area.

7. We will blow up Alaska just to spite Deathman.

8. It will be THE largest zombie map so far.

9. This will not be the end of the storyline, I'm sure 3arch has more in store for our heros.

What are some of your theories about the DLC? (sorry for focusing so much on Moon only, don't really have any theories for the rest.)

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