• The campaign was creative and amazing. Its anachronistic timeline was creative but confusing. Reminded me greatly of Inception. The downgrade in graphics helped to make the game run a little smoother despite the early release of lag and choppy gameplay. The Hollywood factor was great and will keep the gamer addicted and play through the campaign to see the end.

Rating: 8.5


  • Today, you can never find a good game that aims toward the PC audience (with the exception of Battlefield: Bad Company 2). Black Ops is the perfect example of a game that does not fit in well with PC gamers. Laden with lag, connection issues, and menu freezing multiplayer was utterly crap. The recent patches haven't really done anything except alleviate some of the menu problems. Lag is still common. People say its my CPU but its not...I have an Intel Core i5 and my graphics card is a GTX 480. Multiplayer gameplay is great despite all the problems and interactive maps reminded me of Counter-Strike.

Rating: 8


  • As I said before, the downgrade has helped the gameplay greatly. Don't let the minimum spec of having a Dual Core scare you. Single cores are acceptable also. Its just WaW graphics plus a little more benefits.

Rating: 9

Gun Choice

  • The smorgasbord of weapons was quite interesting. Weapons manufactured in the late '70s and '80s were present in the '60s. Yeah, they were prototypes but that's just an excuse to incorporate weapons that appeal to you. The choice of guns should have appealed to that time. Treyarch did a good job in the mission Project Nova. Some weapons I wanted to see that were used during the '60s are the Stechkin APS, MAT-49, SKS, or the AMD 65.

Rating: 9

My overall rating: 8

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