Yes, a game director at Treyarch confirms that there is a high chance that they would be making a Call of Duty game to be set in the future/near-future.

"When asked if Treyarch would be up for creating a futuristic Call of Duty, he said 'I think the answer is ‘yes.’'"

Also Mr. David Vonderhaar seems to confirm this possibility also:

"Game Director David Vonderhaar was talking to Machinima about the future of the Call of Duty series when he made the comments, saying “we have not announced any new Call of Duty games at this time but to answer his specific question I think, personally, it would be pretty fantastic to do near-future, you know? Not necessarily far-future,” adding that “I think it would be kind of a unique opportunity but the way that this works out is obviously more complicated than ‘Hey. Me and Treyarch are going to make a near-future shooter.’ It’s a tough question to answer.”"

To read more: Treyarch Discuss Possibility of a Futuristic Call of Duty

Omnicube1 23:42, February 8, 2011 (UTC)

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