Call me, hate me whatever you want because of this writing. And it seems the Sledgehammer doesn't learn about what happened of Treyarch at their Black Ops Franchise. Any additional information would be great and I gladly welcome it.


  • Kar98k has an detachable Trench-Magazine that holds 7 Rounds. In reality, they could hold 20-rounds and the operator must reload with 5-rounds stripper clip. Anyway, there's no report of Trench-Magazine usage in every europan theatres.
  • Putting a 5-Rounds Stripper Clip in scoped Springfield? WHAT KIND OF IDIOCRACY IS THIS!?
  • There's no report of Reflex Sight Usage at M1918 B.A.R in battlefield. The Reflex Sight itself was Nydar Model 47 that intended for Hunting Shotguns. I mean, why they put the fragile attachment in Battlefield?
  • Luftwaffe M30 Drilling Double-Action Shotgun wasn't intended to be mass-produced for Wehrmacht and SS alike. This is obvious, only Luftwaffe had access of it since Drilling could be useful in case they were survive in hard landing. They was appear only in north african campaign, but there's NO REPORT of drilling usage in European Theatres. No, sir.
  • Walther Toggle-Action could be produced for 5000 units, but there's no report of battlefield usage. And how the fuck they adopted the detachable magazine? Did they real?