There are numerous weapons and other items in the game where two very similar weapons, items, or whatever come down to a matter of prefrence or user skill. So below i will list some common ones, feel free to comment on one or any or all of them. Or feel free to add your own pair on a comment.

  • Intervention vs Barret
  • ACR vs M4A1
  • Frags vs Semtex
  • AC130 vs Chopper Gunner
  • Predator vs Sentry Gun
  • Ninja vs Steady Aim (pro), (for sniping only)
  • Flashbangs vs Stun grenades
  • Large maps vs Small maps
  • Red Dot sight vs Holo sight
  • M16 vs FAMAS
  • Hardcore modes vs Regular modes

So by all means, debate debate debate! (for those that may not catch on the last one is sarcasm, but feel free to debate that as well.)