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    A Refresher course to the first part of this discussion: User blog:Razgriez/What I want to not see return, or changed, in MW3

    So, welcome to part two of my list of suggestions and ideas for what IW and Sledgehammer can take out, or change for MW3. I've got a fresh magazine loaded with criticisms and suggestions.

    A quick refresher to the basic guidelines of my list here:

    This is not a "NERF!" debate:

    I will not sit here and just say "Nerf this". All discussions of reductions, will come with suggestions of changes. the same applies for suggestions of increasing the power of something.

    This is not a post Complaining about bugs and exploits:

    This is obvious, and shouldn't have to need explaining. Particularly to a certain company who constantly left…

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    Ah... it's that time of year again... the time where the next Call of Duty game has been announced, and the fans start posting their list of things they want to see in the next game. Even our wonderful wiki can not escape the deluge of blogs with Gun, Perk, and Kill streak wish lists.

    Some of these list are rather interesting, of note for me, the Gun and Kill streak list. Others, are utter crap, and consist of horrible ideas designed by someone who thinks the game should be tailored made to only their enjoyment, and no one elses.

    But what we don't see really any time, is a Wishlist of items dedicated to things someone DOES NOT want to see in the game, notably, things from the older games.

    Oh sure, there's the occasional mention about "Don't b…

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  • Razgriez

    As from the Call of Duty official website:


    • • New contracts added to the rotation.
    • • Added optional pre-match timer for LAN / System-Link games.

      Issues Addressed:
    • • Fixed freeze associated with larger games.
    • • Improved reliability of players connections to one another.
    • • Improved ability to bring parties to the game lobby. Late party joiners would try to connect to previous lobby host and be denied if new joiners trigger a lobby host migration.
    • • Addressed an issue where the Host encounters and infinite spinning loading circle after a Host migration.
    • • Fixed a timing specific, long/infinite loading screen when joining games (sometimes giving you “Error -…
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  • Razgriez

    Disclaimer: This is a work of satire, and should not be taken seriously... failure to heed this disclaimer, and get outrageously outraged at the author's opinion just frankly proves you have some serious social issues. Failure to heed this disclaimer, and the MANY times it's pointed out as satire proves you may want to schedule an appointment to get your eye sight checked.

    Dear IW,

    Look, I think for now, we'll look past your mistakes and all with the glitches and whats not, for a more serious matter.

    We love the idea, of a high powered shotgun, seriously.. it's why we akimbo it!

    But a Tiny amount of Some Many Bajillion players (*coughyearightcough*) don't like this weapon.

    We agree with them! It's entirely unrealistic that get hit in the face with a…

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  • Razgriez

    So it's been almost a month since MW2 came out.... and go figure.. the 'NOOB!" talk has begun

    The Primary target of it this time? The SCAR-H

    On one hand, aside from some complaints about the M203+Scavenger surprisingly now, "Noobtuber" is a bit of a joke now.

    But the Reason for the SCAR-H? Because... it's like the MP-40 from WaW.......

    Really?  No one seemed to mind about the MP5 from CoD4 with it's high power.

    Nor does anyone seem to mind the UMP .45 SMG, which if anything, is more akin to the MP-40.

    Last I checked, aside from some complaining about the power the gun had, especially on Console versions, which I play on, (PS3) the only REAL issue people had with it, was the fact that it was the gun of choice, for Juggy users.

    Oh trust me, I hated…

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