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    On IGN Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games are making the single player campaign and Raven software are making the multiplayer. Also it is NOT going to bbe in space (WOOHOO!) Also you take on the role of a guy Pvt. Keeshon Lewis.

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    Hey guys/gals, i searched up the CoD Wiki on Google and i found another CoD Wiki. We have competition :O

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    visit this site in order to bring back monaco (its a petition)

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    Any ideas for perks and killstreaks in MW3?

    These are mine:

    1. Doubles starting ammo with extra magazines

    • Bandolier Pro

    1. Resupply ammo for primary and secondary weapons, and special/lethal from dead bodies

    1. Replace secondary weapon with another primary weapon or vice versa

    • Overkill Pro

    1. Allows you to replace special grenades with lethal grenades or vice versa

    1. Allows 2 attachments for primary weapon

    • Bling Pro

    1. Allows two attachments to secondary weapon
    2. OR Have 3 attachments to your primary weapon

    1. Invisible to enemy UAV

    • Camouflage Pro

    1. No red cross-hair or name when targeted.
    2. Invisible to thermal optics
    3. Enemy killstreaks will not attack you (except Dogs and Backup)

    1. Reduce explosive damage

    • Bomb Squad Pro

    1. Delay enemy claymore explosions
    2. Allows resetting of fuses on toss-…

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    Got any new ideas for stuff in the next zombie game/DLC? (Perks, pack-a-punched weapons, weapons, zombie types)

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