By "this", I mean the new Wikia layout that will soon be imposed on us. It's stupid, it's unneeded, it's complicated, but Wikia staff simply won't be moved by complaints. The idiots simply spout some bullshit about how we need a new look to appeal to new users. Newsflash, lads: the new layout is about as welcoming as a pile of pig shit.

And do we get the option to keep Monaco? No, we don't! Monaco is being removed Wikia-wide, and do the staff give a damn about users who don't like it? Do they? DO THEY?!

Wikia staff have fucked up big-time. I will give it a chance, but if there are ANY sort of bugs or glitches, I am leaving. And I will stay gone until:

A. EVERY bug/glitch is fixed;

Or, preferably:

B. Wikia staff come to their senses, and bring the old layout back.

I know that other users hate this. I know that a lot of them feel the same way as me. Believe me, I'm serious about leaving. That's how pissed off I am with Wikia.

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