Today i will be going into a fully detailed tutorial on how to soundwhore, this post will only cover Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops. for both games you will need a headset.

Black Ops

Step 1: get a headset(Astro's,Turtle Beach,etc)
Step 2: Set up the headset(duh)
Step 3: i cannot stress this enough, use Ninja Pro as your third tier perk.
Step 4: use stuff that fits with Ninja, like Ghost, Sleight of Hand and a silenced SMG/Assault Rifle

Modern Warfare 3

Step 1: get a headset(Astro's,Turtle Beach,etc)
Step 2: As your 3rd tier perk, use Sitrep Pro, you will need Sitrep pro or this will not work.
Step 3: use the Specialist Strike Package and use Dead Silence as your first pointstreak
Step 4: As your 2nd tier perk, make sure you use hardline pro so you get Dead Silence after one kill(you'll need dead silence because if you don't have it you will hear your own footsteps which makes it harder to soundwhore)
Step 5: Use a silenced SMG, preferably the Silenced MP7 or Silenced PP90M1.
Step 6: Once you get your first kill an obtain Dead Silence, you will not hear your own footsteps, and enemy footsteps will be louder, and you can easily soundwhore them.

to wrap this up, a definition of Soundwhore
A term used in gaming when a player relies 95% on what they can hear.

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