Hi, this is my third overll blog in this site. In this post, I'll be listing down some great weapon variants which you can accuire from Supply Drops. I won't be listing all of them right now, due to my limited current time, but I'll write quite a few. If you happen to have any of these variants, keep them!!

I will start with Enlisted variants first.

1. BAL-27 Carbon

This weapon variant is relatively straightforward. What you receive is -1 on accuracy and +1 in damage.

What this basicially means is that the regular BAL is 3-4-5 in term of shots to kill. The Carbon however, has 3-4-4, meaning that you'll have an infinite four-hit kill range. This is a massive buff!! I think this is better than the Obsidian Steed, because this one is simply just more versatile. It's an excellent variant to use.

2. IMR Impact

This is excatly the same as the BAL in terms of shots to kill. IMR Impact also goes from 3-4-5 to 3-4-4, meaning that you can one-burst kill at ANY range. One interesting thing to notice is that it has pretty much no downsides. The range is decreased, but it has no effect whatsoever. This might be the best enlisted variant in the game.

I only wrote two by now, but I will write more in the future.