Hi, this is my second overall blog in here. This time, I will go through the TOP-5 most overpowered weapons in CoD, and especially those which I've tried. There might be (actually, will be) others too, but as I said, this is only my opinion :D

5. Remington 870 MCS (Black Ops 2)

We're starting this list with a shotgun, what a surprise! The Remington is like the MW2 SPAS-12 of BO2. High damage combined with insane range for a shotgun + moderately fast pump action means that this weapon is godlikely. Magazine size is 8 too, which is very generous. Pack this gun with Long Barrel and Quickdraw and you're good to annoy people.

4. SCAR-H (Black Ops 2)

Another BO2 gun here! This time not a shotgun however. This assault rifle has a crazy, CRAZY three shot kill range and that is pretty much which makes this gun nearly unbeatable at certain situations. Sure, it does have a ton of recoil which is a pretty major downside, but with proper control, this is the most OP gun in BO2.

3. Sheiva (Black Ops 3)

This surely is a surprise for many, but of what I think about this gun, it's OP. Nearly no recoil, and very, very high damage. Pair this up with High Caliber to get one-shot headshots.If you're a marksman and you can handle this gun well, you'll be pretty much unstoppable with this.

2. SPAS-12 (Modern Warfare 2)

I'm pretty sure that if you know this gun and you have used it, you execpted it to be here and here it is. This is similiar to the aforementioned R870, but this one has even more damage and guess what? Even higher range. In fact, this might be my favourite sniper in MW2 (obviously joking..). This gun is too good.

1. S-12 (Advanced Warfare)

This gun for sure came as a huge surprise for some of you. And no no no, I do not mean the crappy pre-patched S-12 which wasn't able to kill anything. I mean the nowadays version of this god-like shotgun.

Let me start this by saying that the damage of this gun is horrendous. It is awful and it sucks. I would deal more damage from a distance by throwing a stick to the face of my enemy, that's how terrible it is. 

But it has something which gives this gun the redeeming attribute. And it is the rate of fire, which is massive for a shotgun. 

I believe this is the fastest shooting shotgun in CoD histroy. The rate of fire comes up with the low damage. Even if the damage is low, the gun kills faster than any other gun in AW if you get the first shot (and excluding he one-shot-kill weapons). Oh and of course you can one-shot with this gun aswell but it's pretty unlikely.

The incredibly high Rate of Fire for a shotgun not only makes this the most OP gun in AW but in my opinion, the most OP gun in CoD history.