Hi fellas, this is Shyrtexx and this is my first-ever blog related to Call of Duty. In this blog, I'll list down a few useful tips for the zombie map Kino der Toten. This guide will be beneficial to both beginners and advanced players, (I am very experienced with this map) as there will probably be something new for you all. If not, then that's fine too. Make sure to leave a comment below if these helped you!


First, let's cover some ways to maximize your point income.

• To get the most points per kill, you need to melee attack a zombie. A kill with melee yields the player a great 130 points in total.  

• You need to melee a zombie the amount of which your current round is (in Round 2 you have to melee twice, in round 6 you have to melee 6 times etc.). This is only true for the first 10 rounds however, as after the round 10 the zombies health will start rising by 1.1x every round.

• A headshot is capable of netting you a 100 points in total. This is a good way to earn points overall, and it's highly recommended in later rounds.

• This is an excellent tactic to use, and this is also the tactic I implement every time I play. First of all, you need to buy the M14 from the upper level of the starting room. A shot to the torso with the M14 is equivalent to a melee attack. As I said above, you need to melee the zombie the amount of time as your round number is. For example, in Round three, you can shoot the zombie twice and then melee. This yields you 150 points, and it's less risky thank meleeing thrice. This works till the Round 10. To simplify, remove one number from your Round number and shoot the zombie that many times to a torso and then knife. Voilá!

• Do not buy the Olympia. This is because it's a one-shot kill weapon in the early rounds, and the amount of points you get is usually 60 (of course it is dependent on the spot you shoot, legs are 50, neck is 70 and the head is 100 but the headshot is harder to get due to the shotgun nature). This leads to the loss of extrelemy valuable points in the beginning of the game.

• It is very common that the last zombie on Round 2 drops a powerup. If the zombie does not drop the powerup, or a zombie has not dropped it before, the first zombie on Round 3 will drop it. It is possible that a powerup can be dropped before the last zombie on Round 2 aswell. However, I recommend you to shoot the last zombie and let the powerup be there, not picking it up untill the round starts and you will get the maximum profit of it. Unless it's Max Ammo or the Carpenter, of course.

• The nuke in the early rounds (2-10) is a total waste of points. The nuke yields you a total of 400 points (800 when a 2X points is active). Considering that you can use the M14-melee and getting headshots is a lot, a LOT better tactic than simply ending the round and getting 400 points, when the maximum points you can get will be around 1500-3000, dependent on the round.

• "The M1911 is garbage!! Seven shots to kill at round 1, what is that!!". Yep, the M1911 is a shit gun on the damage profile, but the point racking on it works very well. The 10's you get is insane, and especially when there are two or more zombies in a row. Don't change it out if you have a Max Ammo activated, instead rack up the 10's with it first nd then dispose or save it for Mustang & Sally afterwards.


• Although shooting to the legs grants you more hits and 10's, the amount of points you receive from the kill is 50. With some weapons, this can ocasionally get you more points than going for the headshots but ammunition-wise this is a bad tactic.

• This should be obvious to everyone, but never use the Thundergun to kill a single zombie (unless you're trapped in a corner, and you must). Considering that the unupgraded Thundergun only has 14 shots in total (2 in the "mag", 12 in reserve) it is not beneficial to kill a single zombie with it. This will lead to a massive waste of kills and ammunition,

• When a Max Ammo- powerup drops from a zombie, it is safe to use all your guns and ammunition without restrictions. One wise thing to do however, is to leave one full mag to the weapon. This maximizes the amount of bullets you receive. For example:

With the assault rifle Commando, the maximum available ammunition is 30 in mag and 270 in reserve, a total of 300 rounds. If you waste all the ammunition (so your rounds look 0/00), you will need to reload your weapon. This means that right after you receive the Max Ammo, your rounds will go from 0/270 to 30/240, because you need to reload. If you however leave the last mag full, your ammo will go from 30/0 to 30/270, giving you the maximum benefit.

• The ammunition trick mentioned above is especially true on the Thundergun. Due to the unability to reload it after firing, it's recommended to shoot all the remaining ammo from the mag and reload before picking up the Max Ammo.

• If you decide to Pack-a-Punch the Thundergun or the Ray Gun, it is recommendable to spend all the ammunition first. This is not necessary, but considering that you will receive maximum ammunition after Pack-a-Punching it's advisable to shoot as many zombies as possible before you Pack-a-Punch.

• Feel free to use all your weapons without limits on a Hellhound round, as you're automaticly rewarded with a Max Ammo at the end. Make sure to consider leaving the one mag to the weapon, due to the reasons stated above.


This section is larger than two previous, and this contains useful information about weapons.

• If you get the Ray Gun, do not aim for the center mass or head. This is due to the Ray Guns splash damage nature, meaning that the Ray Gun will create an area of effect. Instead, aim for the feet or the floor close to zombies.

• Also, due to the Ray Guns splash damage nature, it is possible that you can injure or even down yourself if you shoot a zombie at close range or next to an static object. Beware when using the Ray Gun at close ranges.

• The two sniper options, the L96A1 and the Dragunov are often considered as a poor weapons, due to their sniper nature and moderately low damage. However, Pack-a-Punching these guns make them an incredibly-high damage weapons. Both of the guns have the ability to one-shot kill all the way up to the round 21, and one-shot headshot a lot further. It's possible to two-shot a zombie to the head at Round 38! These guns are very good between the rounds 20-40.

• It is very advisable to dispose the Olympia shotgun after Round 6, as it will become nearly useless afterwards.

• Another very overlooked weapon is the CZ-75 Pistol. While the body damage and the ammunition might be on a lower end, the gun still has a massive headshot multiplier. Also, you can move at 100% of the base speed when using this weapon. It is a worth weapon to use between rounds 5-15.

• Very usual mistake with the Crossbow is to shoot the first zombie in a group. This will lead to the zombie rushing towards you to bring the bolt close to you, stunning and injuring you in the progress. I recommend shooting the bolt to the ground, and then running away from it. Another tactic, which requires aim and skill is to shoot to the head of a zombie, as the bolts have unexpectedly high headshot multipliers. This will lead to a 100 points on the contact and more points after the bolt explodes, especially if there is a group of zombies.

• Although the two LMG options in the game are fairly powerful and usable, it is not recommended to have to LMGs equipped at the same time. This is due to the a lot lower movement speed when having them. The lower moving speed may get you in trouble, especially in the higher rounds when it's easy the get outnumbered. Same applies to the launchers.

• Although the wall-buy SMG options are great and powerful in the early rounds, it is not advisable to rely on them for too long, as their ammunition supplies are very limited. This applies especially to the MPL and PM-63.


• This is especially for the beginners and more advanced players alike. I very strongly recommend to go to the main stage from the upstairs route. Going from the outside route is only not more difficult, but it will ruin your horde gathering in the main stage, unless you use a different hording tactic. • Claymores are often overlooked, but there is one way to make them a dominating weapons. After you complete a round, you will be awarded with two claymores (maximum of 2). A common strategy is to buy claymores, and plant them against a wall or somewhere where the zombies won't trigger them. You can stock claymores there as much as you want, use them later. The claymores pack some serious punch, and are very powerful.

This was all from this time. I will add more when I remember more, please comment down if any of these helped you :D