Bought a 3DS early? Well unluckily for you, the next installment of Modern Warfare series coming out for DS, Modern Warfare 3: Defiance, will not feature 3D support, with developer n-Space putting the finger on poor adoption rates of the console.[1]

On their facebook page, n-Space left the message "It is not our call to decide which platforms to support. Obviously we are big 3DS fans and supporters as we have 3 titles in development. If it were as simple as us choosing what products and platforms to develop for I would get a lot more sleep."

The 3DS suffered poor sales on release, even being outsold on release day by the standard PSP in Japan.

The 3DS, despite an 80 dollar price drop earlier this week, has suffered from poor sales due to a lack of third party developer support, a high price tag and low product awareness; most who think of the 3DS assume it's similar to the standard DSi and DSi XL.[2] Because of this, Activision has chosen not to dedicate resources to the next installment solely to the 3DS. Although the 3DS is capable of playing games made for the original DS, this doesn't reverse, meaning that only a small percentage of gamers would be able to play the new installment.

This now leads to the question of whether or not 3D support will be available for the main Modern Warfare 3 game for console and PC, which in Black Ops was only available on singleplayer and was rarely utilised.


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