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    September 28, 2010 by Sniperteam82308

    I am currently working on revising a novel I wrote a while ago about a sniper and in the revised version it is set in the Call of Duty universe namely the modern warfare timeline heres an excerpt from it. I only post it on here because I want to see if people like it. If so I will continue on the novel if not then I will stop and work on one of the many other ideas for a novel. Also just a let know I have already written the book but am rewritting it so it's set in the CoD universe. Here it is enjoy


    Time: 8200 hours January 1st 1998

    Place: Unkown Military Base United States

    Boom, I shot Boom, 2 shots Boom,3 shots 3 shots 3 kills. Or at least they would have been if this where a real combat situation. He loaded a new magazine into his B…

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  • Sniperteam82308

    Me and my freinds came up with a few new things for Foley to say if he returns like "Ramirez go back across the ocean and get me a sandwhich" and

    Foley points to Dunn"Ramirez go flank left"

    Dunn :" Sir weve been over this "MY NAMES NOT RAMIREZ"

    Foley :" Im squad leader now do it Ramirez."

    Dunn :sir I know its the only name you know but..."

    Foley:"Ramirez 2 do what I told you."

    I want to learn some new ones anyone got any

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