I am currently working on revising a novel I wrote a while ago about a sniper and in the revised version it is set in the Call of Duty universe namely the modern warfare timeline heres an excerpt from it. I only post it on here because I want to see if people like it. If so I will continue on the novel if not then I will stop and work on one of the many other ideas for a novel. Also just a let know I have already written the book but am rewritting it so it's set in the CoD universe. Here it is enjoy


Time: 8200 hours January 1st 1998

Place: Unkown Military Base United States

Boom, I shot Boom, 2 shots Boom,3 shots 3 shots 3 kills. Or at least they would have been if this where a real combat situation. He loaded a new magazine into his Barrett while preparing to kill the next wave or targets. He had done this exercise dozens of times already but he had never done this good. As the next wave of targets popped up his mission got harder now the targets would move left to right, right to left. But for him it was simple target practice nothing to hard. Nothing like what he would face on a real battlefield. He put in another magazine and prepared himself for the next course. Now the targets moved quicker and had no real set path changing in an instant. This where it starts to get trickey the 21 year old sniper trainee thought. He had almost always been able to pass the first to "waves" as he and the other trainees at the base called them. But he would always mess up here firing a bullet jst to have the target jerk away before impact. Not this time he thought to himself with the smug thought of being the first in his group to get a perfect score on the marksman test. Once again he reloaded and prepared himself for the final wave. They came up and he fired once twice three times hitting all three targets. He fired at the fourth one as well and narrowly missed hitting the cardboard cut-out of an Taliban soldier in arm tearing the cut-out. He knew that wouldn't have happened had it been a real soldier it would have likely only torn the arm off though blood loss and getting the wound infected in the grimy streets or deserts of the Middle East would have finished him off. All he now neaded was his finale target if he got it he would have a perfect score be at the top of his class and be able to advance his training. He followed the target and fired the shot but just as it had happened in all the other times he tried. The target "heard the noise" and ran taking cover before the bullet even hit where the target was mere seconds before. Damn it, the sniper thought. "Alright trainee 82308, that was very good," said the Commander of the trainees and their trainer," that was much better than any of your previous attempts." Trainee 82308 the sniper thought I hate that name Im a person not a robot or experment. He remembered when he tried to get the commander to call him by his name John Willis back in his second day at the base. The commander didn't like his tone of voice and had him run 30 laps around their 500 acre base before having him do 50 push ups. He hated that man until a while later at his time at the base he'd been there for 11 months already when the commander noticed that he wasn't performing as well as the others, pulled him aside and helped him giving him"special treatment" like practice and lessons. That was about 2 years ago John thought. Of course John didnt always agree with what his commander said he would listen, and obey without any questions. "Trainee 82308 had a nearly perfect score missing but one target. He is currently the best out of all of you. So does anyone want to beat him and move on to your next level of training exercises?" he asked. Only one of the recruits a 22 year old named Derrik Ballard and Johns arch enemy often competting for first offered saying" Yeah I'll beat em' easy." "All right anyone else" Commander offered and no one stepped up to the plate. Once Derrik was nice and ready the Commander began the first wave, and all targets were brought down with ease. The same thing happened in the second wave as well. Then during the third and finale wave Derrik came down to one target and waited eventually the target had acted like a real soldier would and fallen alseep and thats when Derrik took his finale shot. It was a clean headshot. Darrik won he had advanced and John didn't. "Congradulations to the first of you to pass Trainee 82300." he then looked at Derrik and told him to pack up his things and move to the recruit barracks. That was when another recruit one I'd never taken the time to get to know stepped up to ask if he could go now. " No, the Commander replied"You had your chance to go and choose not to go. You can go tomorrow." he said. "Same with the rest of you now head to the showers clean up and get back to your barracks. Lights off in 1 hour."

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