Alright so before I begin, I want to make it very clear that I am not "flip-flopping". I know my mindset on Infinite Warfare was much different a few months ago, but recently my outlook on the subject has changed since. I also want everyone to be aware that I'm not saying you should automatically have a positive stance towards the game. If you don't like Infinite Warfare or the direction it's taking then that's fine. I'm just discussing how people have handled their distaste towards it, and why it's quite naive.

So as many of you are aware Infinite Warfare has been viewed very negatively by the "Call of Duty Community", despite the fact it's four months away from launch, and while people don't have to like it they should be more reasonable and mature about it, and I know I'm guilty of this behavior too, and I do admit it was naive of me, but that doesn't mean people should follow the same mistake I and many others have. Sure this blog alone will not change everyone's view towards the subject at hand, but I do think it's still worth being expressed. So what I'm going to do in this blog is discuss the hatred of Infinite Warfare, and why people have conducted things in a very naive manner. So let's begin.


On May 2, 2016 the official reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was uploaded. At first things were much more calm. There was still hate being flung towards it with the common complaint being "it's too futuristic", and "this isn't even Call of Duty anymore". But on May 6, 2016 the official reveal trailer for Battlefield 1 was uploaded, and things went chaotic from there. The Infinite Warfare reveal trailer was over flooding with dislikes, while the Battlefield 1 reveal trailer was receiving wide praise from many people, and manage to obtain more likes than dislikes unlike it's rival. And soon after the common complaints that were made towards Infinite Warfare were becoming more vocal, and many comparison videos bashing Infinite Warfare were being uploaded by the truckload, along with a few memes.

The Issue

"So what's the core issue here", you might be asking. Well before I dive into that let's take a look at the last two installments, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Now if you want to immediately find out the issue, then feel free to skip to the fourth paragraph, but I highly recommend that you read this paragraph and the next, as you'll most likely have a better understanding of what the fourth paragraph's talking about.

So let's start with Advanced Warfare. On May 1, 2014 the official reveal trailer for Advanced Warfare was uploaded. Many members of the community were claiming this to be a new era of the franchise, mainly due to it's far more futuristic setting, along with the "Exo Suit". Now let's skip to November 4, 2014, the release of Advanced Warfare. Once everyone got hands on time with game they realized it was the same experience as before, just on steroids thanks to the Exo Suit. And the criticism of Call of Duty being the same game every year continued it's existence.

Now let's discuss Black Ops III. On April 26, 2015 the official reveal trailer for Black Ops III was uploaded, and just like Advanced Warfare many community members saw this as a new generation for Call of Duty, with most of it spawned due to the wall-running and underwater combat. Now let's travel to November 6, 2015, the launch of Black Ops III. Now that everyone's played it, we find out that just like Advanced Warfare it's the same experience just pumped with steroids due to the wall-running and thrust jumping, and the underwater combat didn't play a huge factor in the experience.

So now you're wondering what I'm trying to get across here. Well as I mentioned before many have complained it's far too different from past titles, but I feel this complaint's naive because the last two games took the same route, but changed so little. Sure we haven't seen the multiplayer reveal yet, but given how the last two games have been it's very likely it'll be no different from the rest. Now don't get me wrong the future can offer a changed experience, but because we don't fully know how combat will look in the future, they can make up what they want, and pretend in the far future combat is akin to the combat in Call of Duty. So there's no point for people to be angry that it's in the future, when a setting like that can be more closer to the experience they desire.

And what's funny is that they want to return to a conflict from the history books (i.e. WWI and WWII), but what they fail to realize is that won't meet their desire for an experience akin to Call of Duty 4 and Black Ops II. Because of the historical limitations from those time periods, the gameplay will have to undergo a complete overhaul to compensate for that. They don't understand that a past Call of Duty will give them an entirely different experience, whereas a future variant can offer an experience that falls into their desires.

Now I'm not saying the franchise shouldn't venture into the past, in fact I think they should heavily consider it, because like I said it can offer real change to the experience because of the limitations back then, and it does have the potential to end one of the biggest problems in Call of Duty, that of course being it's the same game year in and year out. And I do believe fans of the series that do desire change will most likely enjoy a Call of Duty title set in the past.


So in closing I feel given the reason I just laid out, the way people have been displaying their hatred towards Infinite Warfare is naive. I know not everyone will agree with what I had to say, and if you disagree then that's fine, and I encourage that you do express it. Because I do think it's important everyone discusses their feeling towards these subjects, as it is healthy for said subjects.

Blog Question: What's your take on the Infinite Warfare hate train?

Thank you for reading. This is Super Gamer Ghost signing out!

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