As with about 40% of people playing on Call of Duty right now, I have been a victim of hacking. Whether this is a 100% game completion hack or a de-rank hack, this has to be fixed.

As of July 18th, 2012, I have been a victim of a Tenth Prestiege and Everything Unlocked hack on the onward famous Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. From a visit to the Old School style of games, at that point it had only been 2 months since I got the game. What turned out to be a presumed 'harmless' and 'hackless' game of Free-For-All on Crossfire and Overgrown, turned out to be a complete disappointment as I had almost reached level 55 and started prestiege mode. Another strange hack was infected to me personally by the same hacker, as it caused my mini-map to increase or zoom in about 20x the normal scan, and my weapon appeared to be stuck in between 3rd person and 1st person mode. I fixed this strange hack by deleting my saved progress of COD4 and having the screen return to normal.

But my 10th Prestiege still remains, laughing in my face.

I have been searching for answers on forums, until to my supprise, someone had recommended to keep playing COD4 till he was placed in a De-ranking lobby and ultimately returned to 1st prestiege. This sparked my inspiration to not only keep playing COD4, but to also suggest for Activision, Infinty Ward (for COD4, MW2 AND MW3) or Treyarch (WAW, BO, BO II) to host private servers for special people who have been hacked out of their minds, to be able to retribute and restore their accounts to Level 1.

Don't get me confused with Private lobby hacks, as they are harmless.

I was once also hacked on MW2 one December morning, playing a game of Domination on Rust with an exclusive hacker that was using the Menu hack, to give himself free ammo, kill everyone or spawn the legendary but ludicrous 'Default Weapon'. I was thinking that this was just your average day inconsidereate hacker until my connection lagged out and got the real story. All my stuff was gone, except for the first set of titles and emblems for ranking up and the earned attachments (e.g Heartbeat Sensor, Thermal Scope)for my Primary weapons. And eventually later, a message was scrawled across the bottom of my screen. It said '*swear* you, you *swear*. You have just been hacked by ...) Good Luck'. It also asked me that if I wanted the hack gone, I need to pay $2.99 for a patch. This enraged me that I stopped playing MW2 for the WHOLE Christmas Break until February 20th, when I realised the message had disappeared, indicating my hack has surpassed. And now, I am happily playing MW2 with the new anti hack system in update 10.6.

But this still doesn't answer my question of 'Why do people hack?' and 'Why is no one doing anything about it?'. If anyone, has the heart (Yes, I mean heart.) to host their own lobby WITH a De-rank hack that places you down to level 1 and not to -4 million xp, and I happen to join, I will be so grateful that that very person will be ultimately congratulated and I will be forever grateful for that person.

So the big question here is: 'How do we know what a hacker is thinking/doing?', 'What can we do to counteract it?' and 'Why is no one doing anything about it?'.

My answer to these hacked persons is aforementioned above, HOST A DE-RANKING LOBBY TO RETRIBUTE AND RESTORES PEOPLE'S LOST ACCOUNTS.

Thank you for reading.

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