• Ultimate94ninja

    The trailer for the Blackout Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been released.

    Interestingly, Frank Woods is confirmed to appear in that mode; he is seen in the first minute of the video, and says a quote from the Black Ops II mission "Old Wounds".

    What are your opinions about that trailer? Make sure to vote in the following poll!

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  • Ultimate94ninja

    There's been an update yesterday for Call of Duty: WWII on PS4 and Xbox One. No word yet about the PC version, though.


    • Fixed issue where Social Rank rewards were not granting
    • Fixed issue where Confirmed Killer Order could be completed by collecting both friendly and enemy dog tags
    • Fixed issue where Confirmed Denier Order was not tracking properly
    • Other general UI fixes and improvements

    Weapon Fixes

    • Buffed fire rate for MP-40 and M1928
    • Buffed Combat Shotgun damage range
    • Class-wide LMG movement speed buff and recoil buffs for MG15 and Lewis
    • Nerfed fire rate for FG42 and adjusted recoil accordingly
    • Nerfed Machine Pistol damage

    Ranked Play

    • Fixed Ranked Play UI bug where rank icons changed to the placement match icon in the scoreboard that appears…
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  • Ultimate94ninja

    The live-action trailer for Call of Duty: WWII called "Reassemble!" has been released.

    As you can see, it focuses on a group of friends gathering the team for an epic battle. Unlike previous Call of Duty live-action trailers, it doesn't feature visual references to the game itself (with celebrities, etc.), nor the usual "There's A Soldier In All Of Us" slogan.

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  • Ultimate94ninja

    I somehow remembered the blog that Miller posted a couple of years ago, and I thought I'd make my own version :P

    Sooo... here's a list of things that piss me off (there's no specific order, except for the last one) :

    • Jonathan Irons not exactly looking at the player in the eyes
    • Any Apple product (this is gonna trigger a lot of people lol)
    • People who confuse between "its" and "it's" all the time
    • Shazam not being able to identify some fucking awesome songs
    • Double standards (these are soooo countless)
    • Bulk acquired after years of training that disappears just because you skipped the gym for a couple of months
    • Gym folks who think they can claim a piece of equipment by setting a towel on it before moving away
    • So-called "drivers" who don't use turn signals
    • P…
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  • Ultimate94ninja

    Been a long time that Wiki news haven't been done, so here we go.

    • Various fronts to be featured in Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer
    • Multiple new weapons recently seen in the game code of Infinite Warfare
    • 5 days until the Zombies Chronicles DLC for Black Ops III gets released on Xbox One and PC.
    • (EDIT - updated on June 13th) Multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty: WWII released


    • For new user experience, should get rid of warning templates and enable wiki achievements?
    • What to do with the overused game icons at the top
    • Updating the wiki theme for CoD WWII


    • Featured Article - vodka lover Nikolai and famous (or infamous?) Dragunov sniper rifle are candidates
    • Call of Duty Wiki:Articles for Deletion - Some articles suggested to be merged

    • R.I.P. Batman ac…

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