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    May 2, 2010 by WHISKEY35

    Does anybody know where I can find the page listing all the HTML Colors Codes?

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    Crabmeat Challenge

    March 29, 2010 by WHISKEY35

    I was playing Hardcore Team Death Match in Rundown the other day. I got a 7 kill streak and proceeded to call in my attack chopper. that promptly gives me another 2 kills so I call in the Pave low chopper once the attack chopper leaves. That also gave me another ten kills and I am calling in a AC-130 as soon as I can. When the match was over i ended up with 27 kills, 1 assist, 0 deaths. and I also got the Crabmeat challenge title and emblem which I thought was impossible to get. When we got back to the lobby everybody to my surprise was laughing, INCLUDING THE LOOSERS! That was indeed the very best match I have ever had! P.S. make sure you use Cold blooded perk! The enemy wasn't! ;-)

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