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    How I Would Balance MW3

    February 25, 2012 by YT90210

    Hey guys! I'm YT90210 and I'm kinda new here, so I'm sorry if this post isn't good. Anyway, I've been playing a lot of MW3 lately, and I think that there are many things that make this game unenjoyable at times. So I've decided to share with you guys how I would balance MW3, from weapons to pointstreaks.

    Let's start off with primary weapons. I will list the weapon and any changes that have to be made or not.

    Assault Rifles

    M4A1 - Same

    M16 - Increased RoF, no rapid fire available.

    SCAR-L - Recoil slightly increased.

    CM901 - Increased RoF.

    Type 95 - DRASTIC decrease in RoF, should match M16 without rapid fire, slighly decreased accuracy, no rapid fire available.

    G36C - Same

    ACR - Increase in recoil.

    MK14 - Slight decrease in damage, minimum two shot k…

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