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I am sure that those of you logging on to the wiki will be curious as to why it is performing differently.

Fandom has commenced migration to the Unified Community Platform, which you can read more about here. The main issues that we have detected thus far on the Discord involve a revamped editing system and updated Wiki Activity and Recent Changes compressed into the new Special:RecentChanges. This will take some adjusting to and of course you may feel free to contact myself or anyone on the Call of Duty Wiki Discord for support.

There are two major issues that I have found so far which are exclusive to the Call of Duty Wiki. For comparison, I have checked my own wiki in Bandipedia, where these issues do not arise.

Text Issues

The first issue is text. Specifically, text on backgrounds. Due to the UPC migration, some of our css is acting oddly and as a result different items such as drop down menus and parts of the editor are hard to read. I have attempted to mitigate this by changing the wikia.css however have found no fortune so far. Note that the actual content itself works fine, however the text is hard to see. Please bear with us as this is rectified.

Editor Issues

The editor itself is harder to use now. Typing in [[ opens up a menu instead of allowing you to type in the page name. In coalition with the first issue one can swiftly understand the problematic nature of this. Moreover, locating old wiki code is proving problematic. I do not believe <nowiki> works anymore, or has been altered in some way for one. However, it may just have been relocated.

This blog post will also serve another purpose - a place for support. We cannot find everything that has changed single-handedly. Report what you have seen below or in the #wiki-discussions channel on our Discord so that we can all adapt to the controversial new platform Fandom has implemented.