Background: It has been discuss numerous time, especially, when a future CoD title is set in the future and people are really annoyed and you see that "Why CoD does not go back to WWII." comment. Everyone in the CoD community sees and hear this and most understand that these futuristic games does not really work for the franchise. Many feel CoD has really gone "Sci-fi" and goes FAR away from its genre criteria and originality that its suppose to have. In the past, CoD mostly set in WWII and were excellent games. Now, after suffering from the futuristic mess, people want a title to go back to its original formality and time-period that it use to be. NOTE: This is an opening statement and nothing more! The real point of the topic is what would be an interesting time period than WWII. I'm aware that's not the reason why CoD is failing.

But let's be creative from here...

Say if CoD goes back to its original roots, but later people get tired WWII and thinking about a WWI setting or back even further. WWI is actually a good canidate for another upcoming game besides WWII. But what about other wars and conflicts? Since they did a WWI time period in the zombie map Origins with giant robots and futuristic drones,they could use those same type of creativity/unrealism into other past games in the early 1900s/ or late 1800s such as the Western, Civil War, Spanish-American War, and the Boxer Rebellion (just to name a few). The point is there are other wars CoD could do besides WWII and all and there's nothing wrong with going back further. Quite frankly, there are forums saying that they wouldn't mind it going back to the American Civil War despite some criticism that it would be too fast paste.

If CoD goes back to its original roots and go to other historic settings without getting too carried away with the weapons, features, and gameplay that may ruin the experience, then maybe the franchise can be saved. They can turn these game into more interesting themes and story and gameplay mechanics to make a successful game.

What types of War would you be intrested in the past besides WWII?

Note: This is just simply about what time period would a CoD title be interesting past WWII. Everything else said is just extra. I understand Zombies and thr campaigns are different.

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