Same thing as before, only this time it's with SMGs. So, lets get started.


Again, I never played the multiplayer for CoD 4, but this gun was my favorite in singleplayer.


Like I said with the STG-44, was there a doubt? This gun was a beast. IS a beast. No gun in that game could compete.


Like the PPSh-41, this gun is also a beast. The high ammo count, the massive damage, everything.


I remember using this gun more than any other gun in BO. I was usually that guy who ran the grenade launcher on the gun, because it's the only SMG that can.


I don't know what it is about this gun that I loved so much. But after my second prestige, this was what I perma-unlocked.


Before it was announced as DLC, my choice was the PDW-57 for the high ammo count. But come on. How can you beat a gun that functions as an assault rifle, but has the mobility of an SMG? You don't. Was disappointed it was not added in zombies. If it was I would have named the PaP version the War Monger.


Well speaking of a gun that functions as an assault but has the mobility of an SMG, we have the hybrid of hybrids, the Ripper. You know, despite all the crap Ghosts got, it sure had good weapons in my opinion. I loved the Ripper. I'm always switching between what kind of weapon I usually am playing, be it an AR or SMG. But with this, I don't have to.


I was that lucky son of a bitch that got the Speakeasy, and boy oh boy, did I run that bitch into the ground. Speakeasy was bae. Now just because I had the Speakeasy, doesn't mean that I wouldn't have ran it as default. I still loved that gun to death. You'll have to pry that thing from my cold dead hands.


I didn't play much of the actual multiplayer for BOIII, but I did however play with bots from time to time. And, next to the melee weapons that I was fortunate enough to unlock, this was my gun.

So, yeah. What is your favorite SMG? I'll do one for Shotguns later. Thanks for reading!