Doing this again because I'm bored.  Starting a W@W to BOIII again for reasons mentioned in previous blogs.


Do I have to explain why this is my favorite in this game?


It really bafled me on why this is the default sniper.  It's SOOOO good.  I was a little happy to see it's return in IW as the TF-141.


I honestly don't know why I like bolt actions so much.  Maybe because all of the bolt actions are the most powerful.


If I'm being honest I really liked this sniper.  I don't know why.  The two shots before death was not an problem to me.


Was the DSR-50 but the patch happened.  I found myself not being able to be able fire the DSR after the bolt after the patch so I switched to XPR-50.


I honestly couldn't choose.  I loved the fact that the VKS is the most powerful sniper even with a integrated silencer.  On the other hand I'm that cheeky bastard who used the target finder in BOII, so...


That's right.  I liked the Dragnov.  But if you got it in a supply drop and used it, it was just as powerful as the MORS, but had more ammo.


I actually liked this sniper.  I always thought it was a better Dragnov (aside from the SVO).  I viewed this as the same with the RSASS; don't mind the extra shot it took to make the kill.