The problem with this persistent argument of "this isn't what the community asked for" is that it actually is what the community asked for. IW's last two games, Ghosts and MW3, were heavily criticized for their lack of innovation. There were way too many modern warfare-themed FPS games on the market and Call of Duty was consistently slagged off for being "the same every year".

Infinity Ward actually ditched the Ghosts subfranchise before it could even get a second installment just so they could give you guys something different, and everybody's shitting on it. Bear in mind, they started development on this game shortly after Ghosts, so this was back before Advanced Warfare or BOIII. By the time people had decided that future warfare was apparently stupid, Infinite Warfare was too far in development to throw out.

You absoloutely cannot accuse Infinity Ward of "not listening to the community" because they did. The fact that the community built up a stigma around the sci-fi setting is something that IW could have done nothing about. They aren't going to throw out a game's worth of content purely because everybody's suddenly decided they don't want change after all.

TL;DR: the "community" is entirely to blame for Infinite Warfare.

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