Why do the people that make these not know how to make a proper critical analysis? There are so many things wrong with this review that I'm not gonna waste my time detailing them, but the most glaring problem is rating this a 10/10. A map that is a 10 is perfect, or very damn near it. It should be so widely appealing to players of all kinds that if the rating was to be called into question, the lowest it should reasonably dip is a 9. The fact that player opinions on Origins are so polarized shines a red light that you as a reviewer are biased based on your personal experiences with the game. Reviews should be impartial; they should weigh the mechanics and experience with balance, not bias. Your justification of why it warrants a 10 is grossly insufficient; apparently, since it brings a challenge and there is a new powerup (that is not even slightly game-changing), this map is a 10. The impression you give off is that you're a naive 11-16 year old that happens to like the map personally, and so award it a 10. While it isn't necessarily a bad map, it is far from deserving a 10.

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