Shepard, I beg to differ. I was a CoD gamer since Call of Duty 2. BF2? Yeah fk that, Bad company? fk that too, but BF3 vs MW3? I think BF3 get it's sound award was right as it sounded a lot better than MW3. I've played both, but the sound in BF3 is most atmospheric. It wasn't made for action, but for more realism. Thats why there's more than "Grenade out" and "reloading" in BF3. Guns sound amazing in my opinion, MW3 guns sound like they all clap, which not all guns do. And just to clear something, If you're comparing BF3 and MW3 and then you say that MW3 is an action game and BF3 is not, why compare the two?

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