I forgot to respond to your original message, but anyway I see that you sorted this out with Laagone and that the pages are now properly formatted. I don't own CoD1/UO, though, so I can't provide much info about them. Kilo 141 menu icon MW.png Ultimate94ninja talk · contribs 16:57, September 8, 2018 (UTC)

i'm gonna write down,some stuff,1st;some guns that appear in medal of honor(allied assault & rising sun):

  • High Standard HDM - 8(American)
  • Nagant M1895 - 7(Russian)
  • Sten MK.5 - 32(UK)(i know it made it's debut in CoD:Black ops 3,just not during WW2 era.)
  • Winchester M1912 Shotgun - 6(American)
  • De Lisle Carbine - 7(i know it made it's debut in CoD:WW2,just feel it should've appear early.)
  • Vickers-Berthier - 30(UK)
  • F1 Fragmentation grenade - (Russian)
  • RDG-1 Smoke Grenade - (mustard/orange smoke colored)(Russian)
  • Nebelkerze 39B Smoke Grenade - (green smoke colored)
  • PIAT(Projector,Infantry,Anti Tank) - (UK)
  • Welrod Silenced Pistol - 6/8(UK)
  • M18 Recoilless Rifle - (American)
  • Gammon Grenade - (British)

there are other ww2 weapons such as:

  • MK.V CN Gas Grenafe - (American)
  • Big Joe 5 Crossbow
  • Lewis Gun - 47/97(iknow it made it's debut in CoD:WW2,just feel like it should've appear early.)(UK)
  • No.77,W.P. MK.1 Incendiary Smoke Hand Grenade - (UK)
  • No.79,W.P. MK.1 Smoke Grenade - (UK)
  • No.2 Portable Flamethrower/'"Lifebuoy" - (UK)
  • Boys MK Anti-Tank Rifle - (UK)
  • AVS-36 - 159(Russian)
  • Goryunov sg-43 - (Russian)
  • Maxim M1910/30 - (Russian)
  • ROKS Flamethrower - (Russian)
  • Bermann MP35/1 - (German)
  • Panzerfaust 30 - (German)

that's it for now.

2nd,even to those who are new,in Call of Duty United Offensive,Mission:8;Sicily 2,when you get to the bunker next to the docks,make a save, because when you get through the bunker to the other end,the germans will destroy the fishing boat as well as kill the driver,Higgs,go over to where higgs is to pick up his weapon:the Bren LMG,sometimes it won't be there,probably because it fell in the water,to get it,make a save before entering the bunker,so if you want to get the bren gun,if it ain't there,go back to the last save you make & well,you know...

if anyone on this wiki has CoD:UO & got a youtube channel you should try to get the bren gun,maybe post as video of getting the bren gun in mission 8,on youtube.

i like to daydream on some call of duty games,here's 1 of them,it has 27 missions(like Call of Duty 2) & it involves 5 allies:

  • Americans
  • British
  • Canadian
  • Danish
  •  & Russians

American campaign,where you got Sgt.James "Jimmy" Mcbride,of the 82nd airborne who fought from D-day to st.sauveur.

British campaign,where you got Cpl.ThOMAS Frisby,of the SOE/SAS who fought from oper.Husky to around "Road to Rome".

Canadian campaign,where you got not 1,but 2 characters,1 is Sgt. Bentley Robespierre Collins,of the 1st Canadian Division who fought from Oper. husky to around "Road to Rome".,the 2nd is Sgt.Dirk "Husky" Huskins,of the 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade who fought in during Oper.Baytown.

Danish "campaign,where you got Rita Norreskov,of the Danish Resistance,who fought,1st rescuring shot down pilots & pows(including members of the danish military)2nd,stoping a train,blow up a bridge while at it.

Russian campaign,where you got Pvt.aleksandr Sandler(i don't know which unit he's with.),who fought from the volga river to berlin.

it's the best i can do.

if anyone has anything to say,speak now.

i daydream of a WW1 Call of Duty game,i called it:Call of Duty 0,as you may know,it takes place during WW1,playabul characters include:

Sgt.Thomas S. Douglas in the American missions.

1ST.LT.Daniel A. Collins in the American air force.

2nd.Lt.Zachery F. Smith(25 years old) in the British missions

Cpl.Tosh J. Miller(son of Maj.Harold T. Miller,Smith's c.o.)in the British tank crew.

Cpl.Bert C. Jones in the Canadian missions.(Robiechauld would be there.).

i hadn't found a name for the player in the polish missions("Papa Jack would be there.).

Pvt.Later Cpl.Sean D. Grant in the Irish 69th in the Irish missions.

Pfc.Phillippe S. Berlioz in the french missions

1ST.Lt.Andew "Andy" Douglas(Thomas' older brother) in the french air force.

Hadn't found a name for a charater on the RMS Lusitania.

That's as far as i got,for now.

Weapons that Call of Duty: United Offensive shoud've add in.


  • De Lisle Carbine
  • Lee-Enfield No.4 MK.1 (T)(Scoped)
  • Lewis Gun
  • Vickers-Berthier
  • PIAT
  • Welrod Silenced Pistol
  • N0.2 Portable Flamethrower/"Lifebuoy"
  • No.79,W.P.MK.1 Smoke Grenade
  • Sten MK.5


  • M2 Flamethrower
  • Big Joe 5 Crossbow
  • Winchester M1912 Shotgun
  • High Standsrd HDM


  • F1 Fragmentation Grenade
  • RDG-1 Smoke Grenade(Orange/Mustard)
  • Nagant M1895
  • ROKS Flamethrower
  • Panzerfaust 30
  • Bergmann MP35/1

1st Names:

  • Pvt.Joey Martin
  • Cpt.Mike Foley
  • Sgt.Thomas "Tom" Moody
  • Pvt.Eddie Elder
  • Pvt.Steve Anderson
  • Pvt.George Ender
  • Lt.Charles Tucker


  • Sgt.Jack Evans

1st Names(in CoD 3):

  • Cpl.Kevin J. Nichols
  • Cpl.Joe Nathaniel Cole

In Bomber:

Danny galvin

Cpl.Wallace Angus

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  • Pvt.Derrick Warren
  • Cpt.Peterson
  • Lt.Brown
  • Kaylor

2.Scavenger Hunt

  • Pvt.Daniel Ferguson
  • Riley

3.Glider Crash

  • Pvt.Jonathan Shepherd
  • Maj.Howell

4.luckt thirteen

  • F.O.Paul Vanatta
  • Captain.Pantelias
  • Sgt.Waite
  • Gingrich
  • Keyes
  • Lt.Sutherland/Navigator
  • Belly Gunner


  • Hell's Belle
  • Dangerous Dan


  • Sgt.Gerald Miller
  • Lt.Chard

6.Hunner Pack

  • Sgt.Gerald Miller

7.River Crossing

  • Pvt.Jason Wescott
  • Maj.Howell
  • Pvt.Clinton
  • Pvt.Barber


  • Cpl.Alan Bradshaw
  • Lt.Mitchell
  • Gunderman(Radioman)
  • Clark
  • Fletcher


  • CpL.Alan Bradshaw
  • Cpt.Wallcroft
  • Galloway


  • Cpl.Alan Bradshaw
  • Cpt.Wallcroft


  • Cpl.Todd Gessinger
  • Lt.Mitchell
  • Perry

12.Arnhem Fire

  • Cpl.Michael Dabrowa
  • Sergeant(Red Beret)
  • Lt.Pearce(Red Beret)
  • Pvt.Perrins
  • Medic
  • Wounded

13.Arnhem Assault

  • Cpl.Michael Dabrowa
  • Lt.Pearce(Green Beret)

14.Rhine Crossing

  • Pvt.Brian L. Preston
  • Maj.Lipton

another CoD,i daydreamed,it's called:Call of Duty:D-Day,you may guess,it takes place around the Battle of Normandy,you got 7 players,each a different allies,they include:Americans,British,Canadian & French Marquis,they include:

  • Sgt.Ethan Robbins - American 101ST Airborne
  • Cpl.Keith Rogers - British 6th Airborne
  • Cpl.Danny B. Kendall - British S.O.E.
  • Pfc.Nick Knuckle - American 3rd Rangers
  • Sgt.James Hornbuckle - British 79th Amoured Division
  • Pfc.Jack Clarke - Canadian 3rd Infantry Division
  • Sonia F. Le Tueur - French Resistnce

RE: Categories

Done. The two Russian characters are in the original Call of Duty, though (at least according to their articles). Kilo 141 menu icon MW.png Ultimate94ninja talk · contribs 16:57, October 1, 2018 (UTC)

Before I fix it, I need you to clear something up: we should only mention the weapons that can be obtained in that particular level, not the ones that can merely be carried over from the previous one. As such, weapons like Sten w/ Suppressor doesn't belong here, so please remove the weapons like this, and instead mention the starting loadout that you get when you start the level from the selection menu (that is, when you don't continue the game from the previous level). Kilo 141 menu icon MW.png Ultimate94ninja talk · contribs 14:23, October 6, 2018 (UTC)
On another note, when you post on talk pages, remember to sign at the end of your messages using four tildes, like this: ~~~~. Kilo 141 menu icon MW.png Ultimate94ninja talk · contribs 14:24, October 6, 2018 (UTC)
I'll clarify a bit more: take a look at the weapon loadout section in Armada. It has a note that if you continue from the previous level, you keep your weapons from before. However, it does list the HBRa3 and the MDL, which you equip if you select directly this mission as opposed to continuing from before. This is what you need to do on the Sicily 2 page, namely creating a section for the weapons that you get if select the mission. It should be separate from the "Obtainable" section, which is only for the weapons that you can pick up in the mission. In fact, as I said before, the Sten w/ Suppressor doesn't belong here, since it will already be covered with the note about keeping your weapons from before. Kilo 141 menu icon MW.png Ultimate94ninja talk · contribs 09:57, October 7, 2018 (UTC)
Um, you still didn't understand; you should not mention the weapons that can only be carried over from the mission "Sicily 1". Anyway, I've fixed the weapon loadout section in the page (the Luger and the Stielhandgranate can be found in the mission "Sicily 2", right?). But in the section "starting loadout", I just left the note "If this level is played after "Sicily 1", the player will keep any weapons from that level". You need to tell me what are the weapons that you normally get if you start the mission on its own (not directly after playing Sicily 1), so that I add them. Kilo 141 menu icon MW.png Ultimate94ninja talk · contribs 16:01, October 7, 2018 (UTC)


  • Vera
  • Lynn


  • MG42(Mounted)
  • Stielhandgranate


  • Panzerschreck
  • Luger
  • Panzerfaust

thinking about writing in names on CoD:WW1.

Call of Duty:WW1.

( 16:23, November 1, 2018 (UTC))

Still Thinking.

( 09:58, November 2, 2018 (UTC))

i'll write the names of Call of Duty: WW1.

Re: Message

It is never mentioned nor used in the mission. So you added speculative info to attribute origins which is the main reason for removing it along with it falling under COD:NOTE. Twig (Talk) 07:13, July 15, 2019 (UTC)

Because I don't have to nor want to. Twig (Talk) 07:27, July 15, 2019 (UTC)

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