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Counters Edit

  1. Black Ops is Modern
  2. The audio wasn't as engaging as MW2
  3. Multiplayer is awkward as hell
  4. They're not like the UMP, that's because they're probably worse
  5. Chopper gunner is stupidly OP for a 9KS
  6. More like "more focus is put on Ghost"
  7. Stopping power brought balance to the game, I could write a Pulitzer Prize-winning essay on that topic
  8. Everyone uses tiger camouflage, which looks like burnt cheese on a pizza IMO
  9. Meh addition
  10. It was out of it's place in MW2, it's out of place again in Black Ops. It's so shit, throwing your feces at someone would do more damage
  11. The quality of theatre mode is approximately 120p
  12. Same as in MW2
  13. More like luck, and the thermal scope was shit in MW2 anyway
  14. RPG spam? never heard of it
  15. The campaign is a flashback, how can you not see it was literally stringing events together in front of your eyes
  16. FAMAS = AUG
  17. Lol, Nuketown
  18. Lol, Enfield
  19. Lol, wut
  20. Never used one ever
  21. Want more intense action? Watch water freeze
  22. More agreeable than the rest of your points
  23. Guns tend to move upwards
  24. Cant be bothered with aesthetic details, only face paint i see anyway is the KISS-style one
  25. I couldn't care less about making my gun look like my own
  26. Same animations as MW2
  27. Same as #22
  28. Agreeable
  29. MW2 had plot twists (getting shot by shepherd? never saw that coming)
  30. Eh
  31. Because they were all the same in other games, and hmm, the Kiparis and Commando and AUG, where have I seen those animations before?
  32. Applies to almost every single FPS
  33. Kay.
  34. It has been for every single modern CoD
  35. CoD lost its high standard some time ago
  36. Yeah, this is a good point
  37. Can't do much tbh, and your point doesn't make sense anyway
  38. Dual wield is a copy-paste of akimbo
  39. So close, yet so far.
  40. Alright
  41. Meh
  42. wtf, so if you "don't go with the crowd", you're a real fan? Just because you agree with the majority's opinions, you're not a true fan?
  43. Camp with ghost, might as well bring up a menu asking what killstreak you want. this game is not hard at all with the correct asshat guns and perks
  44. never noticed any major difference
  45. Because American Special Ops teams had Mi-24 hinds
  46. "Twist", it's a machine gun and a rocket launcher, not that special
  47. Wtf
  48. They obviously aren't, otherwise people wouldn't be complaining
  49. They're all 40-20, and full-auto CZ-75 is a half-assed attempt at a machine pistol
  50. Russia, Vietnam, so much variation!
  51. Wtf is with this "varying heights"? You aren't playing in the Himalayas
  52. Makes you look seriously sad, no joke
  53. I can remember a total of 3, all of which are minor, big whoop
  54. Not at all
  55. Nope, otherwise i'd still play it
  56. Only because he did jack shit throughout the story
  57. They could easily be boring, hence they were
  58. Meh
  59. Prestiging is useless, you'll loose interest
  60. Kills me more than helps me live
  61. CoD isn't a team game, if you want a team game go play Battlefield
  62. No one spams flashbangs
  63. No one uses it
  64. They are almost the exact same thing
  65. Ballistic knife, lightweight
  66. Borderline underpowered
  67. PC players consist of about 20/25%. Better to please 75% than 25%

--Callofduty4 21:13, January 24, 2011 (UTC)

I'd really appreciate it if you didn't do this, I'm just trying to stop everyone be so negative about Black Ops.AdvancedRookie 22:05, January 25, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah but in fairness when I can make a list about twice as long it's kind of hard not to. Smuff[citation provided] 19:00, January 27, 2011 (UTC)


  1. Black Ops is not as Modern as Modern Warfare 2, or the majority of games today
  2. Opinion
  3. The game runs smoothly, I don't know about you
  4. "Probably worse"? What the hell is that? UMP was a super weapon compared to the FAMAS and AK-74u
  5. Chopper Gunner, countered by your favourite perk Ghost Pro and can be easily taken down by a 4 killstreak
  6. More like 'I use every opportunity to rant about Ghost'
  7. Stopping Power without Juggernaut was overpowered
  8. I've never noticed a huge amount of players using Tiger, in fact a lot of players don't bother with camo
  9. Meh addition maybe, but a good one
  10. Stops people complaining about noobtubes
  11. My theatre mode is fine and at good quality
  12. 5 killstreak is not the same as 4
  13. More like skill
  14. RPG Spam, where people run around the map, firing RPGs at walls to kill multiple people
  15. Flashbacks or not, the storyline actually links the events together, instead of 'First we fight here, now we fight there'
  16. Except more recoil and higher ROF plus unique scope.
  17. Lol, it's a good map
  18. Lol, the Enfield doesn't sound so bad
  19. I'm commenting on the foliage in the maps
  20. Isn't an argument
  21. So, the action is all completely stale and there are no exciting moments at all?
  22. Arguments are better read without a sceptical lense
  23. Funny, you know what I mean
  24. I'll agree that Jester is overused
  25. Opinion
  26. Just because they're the same, doesn't mean they're bad
  27. Kind of feel that point is repeated, sorry
  28. Hooray for real characters!
  29. Just because MW2 had something doesn't mean it can't be good in this game
  30. Example: Let's have AC-130s and Chopper Gunners and Shotguns from 1887 and Third Person Modes and Thermal Scopes and Stopping Power on it's own and Akimbo and Predator missiles and Sonic Boom. They'll all fit in snugly.
  31. Same as 29
  32. But not all
  33. Indeed
  34. What so I'm meant to believe that no one uses any newer variant of the AK? Not even the Russian Army? In 2016?
  35. After World at War yes, but Call of Duty still has a high standard
  36. Harrier-Chooper Gunner- Nuke. We can all agree on one thing
  37. Isn't afraid to do torture etc
  38. Without the G18s
  39. Almost
  40. Agreed
  41. Still a good thing
  42. I mean this kind of thing: "I've always been a Treyarch fan and Modern Warfare 2 sucks!" "Oh Black Ops sucks as well as Treyarch". Just because they're 12 year old friends say so
  43. The game's not hard with skill
  44. Well I have
  45. More believable than the Mitlia having stealth bombers
  46. It's still a change
  47. I mean, while some weapons may seem underpowered, it's better than letting players to decide to all use the same gun
  48. Oh no, a gun with low recoil beat me when I hip fired from 20 metres away! Treyarch do something!
  49. Python has ACOG, ASP has fast reload, M1911 comes with lots of attachments.
  50. Russia (Which is a big place), Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, Rebirth Island, Rusalka, America, Earth's Orbit.
  51. Kowloon will emphasise this point
  52. What? I'm sad because I remember parts of a game? Well anyone's sad who remembers part of a movie
  53. More than before
  54. On PC they are
  55. Opinion
  56. Better than Shepherd, whose credibility lasted less time than a snowman on a sunbed
  57. But not hour long narratives
  58. Fine whatever
  59. Depends how much you like the game
  60. Tip: Dive when necessary, not into the open
  61. I never said it was, I just said it introduced a slight bit of teamwork
  62. Play Nuketown Domination/ Demolition
  63. Soloution to your problem #5
  64. Except they're not, the colours have been changed and the scope fuzzes now and again, plus it's much less clear
  65. Ballistics knife and lightweight are still nowhere as bad as Commando and Tactical Knife
  66. Tactics people!
  67. WTF? I never said it was bad for console players.

AdvancedRookie 19:34, January 27, 2011 (UTC)

Not worth to re-counter, I've already won --Callofduty4 19:36, January 27, 2011 (UTC)
You have technical flaws in your counters, let's look at the FAMAS=AUG counter, well, if you bothered to even look at the files you would see they are almost the same. The FAMAS has slightly lower recoil, but yeah no difference made in gameplay. --Callofduty4 19:41, January 27, 2011 (UTC)
Why are you all bickering? Йура(Wo bist der telefon!?) 19:41, January 27, 2011 (UTC)
Well, for some reason Call of Duty 4 thought it would be good to troll the talk page of my list, so I recountered with a hastily put together list. Plus his list is mostly opinionated. Seriously guys, what the fuck, why did you have to make a great big list on the talk page just to undermine me, which I can't delete.AdvancedRookie 20:47, January 27, 2011 (UTC)
Want me to troll Smuff's page? It'd be pretty easy seeing how the majority of what he says is either completely wrong or highly opinionated or repeated. Or you can use the loophole and just hide the whole list using tags. M1911 smallYüri KaslovM1911 small right 20:51, January 27, 2011 (UTC)
Yuri, I really appreciate the thought, but counter-trolling isn't really going to be very helpful. Thanks though. Could you hide the lists? I'm not too good with this stuff and I'm busy at the moment.AdvancedRookie 20:55, January 27, 2011 (UTC)


  1. Half the guns are used today.
  2. Fact, the guns pop rather than bang.
  3. That depends on your machines specs.
  4. FAMAS is stronger through all ranges.
  5. That argument is invalid when you're getting killed by the chopper over and over again, and the chopper still flies low enough on half the maps to see you.
  6. Stopping Power is still justified with Painkiller.
  7. COD:UTP
  8. That's because all the camos suck.
  9. CoDPoints reduce your flexibility in testing guns.
  10. The Noobtube was unjustly nerfed though, the complete removal of explosive perks was unjustified.
  11. You sure you aren't using a 3rd party recording device?
  12. With Hardline, it is.
  13. More like a good place to camp.
  14. That's the place RPGs are supposed to be fired at in real life, where else would you fire it, the sun?
  15. Operation 40 is two years before Vorkuta, not a day like in MW2.
  16. Read the stats on pages before commenting on these things, AUG and FAMAS both have 937.5 RPM.
  17. Lol someone gets killed by Semtex within 10 seconds of the map starting.
  18. The FAMAS doesn't sound anything like a gun at all.
  19. Yeah, you can camp with Ghost better? =P
  20. They just get people with Hardline and a silenced FAMAS another undeserved kill even faster.
  21. All the good action is in cutscenes, there's no decent moments you can participate in.
  22. Take out the WMD, Numbers and any moments without a vehicle of some description and I can't really think of any.
  23. Almost all guns have the same vertical recoil pattern.
  24. Facepaints were overhyped to hell and back, per CoD4.
  25. Again, overhyped. The only thing you could do was add a Clan Tag which got covered by your camo and change your RDS to something unusable.
  26. It means they got boring, the M16 has had the same reload for the past 3 games.
  27. I wasn't that impressed when you take out the missions with Hudson or a helicopter.
  28. That's because they got to speak this time.
  29. Yeah but you implied MW2 had none, I thought Shepherd shooting you was a bigger one than Reznov not being real.
  30. Sometimes a hectic game is a fun game.
  31. Yeah but it's boring seeing the Commando use the same reload as the SCAR-H.
  32. That's right, just all FPS games with multiplayer. There's not much between Launch and Radiation.
  33. You forgot to talk about paid servers.
  34. Shame almost every other gun is 10 years early.
  35. Battlefield 2 set that bar far beyond Black Ops' reach.
  36. You win on that point.
  37. Not that torturous tbh, if it was real there'd be waterboarding.
  38. The G18s were lols, you obviously never used them.
  39. Tell that to my Stakeout which still gets hitmarkers when the enemy is in knifing range.
  40. Wasn't that much into Zombies, the BO maps over complicate things.
  41. BO has a much larger budget than the first Modern Warfare, thus they could afford better characters. Note that MW2 reused some of the same characters.
  42. I've hated Treyarch since Call of Duty 3.
  43. The game's not hard with a FAMAS and a good internet connection either.
  44. There's no difference tbh.
  45. Oh yeah because Communist Cuba would have access to American helicopters during the Cold War.
  46. Sometimes you don't have to change things.
  47. Oh yeah, yeah. Treyarch gave players the choice of dying, an AUG or a FAMAS. What to use... hmmm... Hard choice.
  48. You can beat someone like that with a G11, not that hard to do tbh. You know they've done it when people stop using the Famas and AUG.
  49. Makarov = M1911 without attachments.
  50. America.What the fuck seriously.
  51. Well at the moment the only one is that we Famas noob camping on the cliff face in Jungle.
  52. There's nothing that memorable.
  53. Oh yeah because knowing what bullet is chambered in a Colt Python during a game of Russian Roulette is perfectly realistic.
  54. You obviously must play on a small screen.
  55. Nothing more fun than Nuketown with every enemy hipfiring a FAMAS with Steady Aim and Dual Mags, eh?
  56. I take it this sunbed is in the Arctic, yeah?
  57. Oh yeah, nothing beats sitting in a chair and looking at a black shadow of someone through a pane of glass...
  58. The codpoints system takes away the ability to test guns outside of Splitscreen.
  59. No, it is. Why on Earth would I want to prestige 15 times? So I could flash my shriveled e-penis?
  60. This is necessary when I want the enemy to get a headshot?
  61. Oh yeah, nothing spells teamwork like getting killed while trying to revive some noob who'll go and get killed 2 seconds later.
  62. You're getting that confused with Semtex.
  63. No, its shitty AI is good for trying to shoot a helicopter through a wall and killing you in the explosion.
  64. IR isn't used because Variable Zoom is a much more flexible attachment, not because it's bad.
  65. You can't tell me you used the pistol while using the tactical knife attachment.
  66. Tactics in CoD? Lol, that made me laugh so hard.xD
  67. Too bad it's so much harder on console anyways.

Smuff[citation provided] 20:45, January 27, 2011 (UTC)

This whole thing is very childish. All of you. Йура(Wo bist der telefon!?) 20:50, January 27, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for fucking trolling my page with shit I can't delete. Why couldn't you just have let me make my list without having to barge in declaring you're right and that I'm completely wrong. AdvancedRookie 20:50, January 27, 2011 (UTC)

You made this AFTER I made my list, then you actually placed an image in my actual list. I can make just as much of an argument as you can. Smuff[citation provided] 20:54, January 27, 2011 (UTC)
Did you really find it necessary to make a whole list just because I tried to point out that Treyarch ahdn't got the flag wrong everywhere, especially as you were using my picture.AdvancedRookie 20:57, January 27, 2011 (UTC)

My list wins. Edit

User:Smuff/100 things I really hate about Black Ops. Smuff[citation provided] 21:15, January 24, 2011 (UTC)

My experience wins because I'm on PC.AdvancedRookie 21:54, January 24, 2011 (UTC)

^Trollooooooololloooooollooooooollooooool!!!   Hax 217    talk-page   19:42, January 27, 2011 (UTC)

NOTE: I have hidden the content of this page, per user request. M1911 smallYüri KaslovM1911 small right 20:56, January 27, 2011 (UTC)

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