Useful for Wiki EditorsEdit


Hello you've clicked the "Useful" link! This is a page where I (Darthkenobi0) am going to compile internal links that I find most useful for editing. Many of the pages I link will be similar to those in the welcome templates, but I will add more. I might also summarize the pages/sections linked. I hope this is helpful guys!


  • Recent Changes -- here you can see all of the most recent changes on this wiki. Vital for aspiring Recent Changes Patrollers (RCPs)
  • Manual of Style -- this page has all of the basics for making good-looking edits. Click if you need to know anything about styling a page.
  • Edit Count -- this let's you see how many edits you've made on the Wiki.
  • Contributions -- here you can see categorized edit counts, this is how you know if you've got the fifty (50) main-space edits to vote in RfA, and other votes.
  • File Upload -- here you can upload image files etc.
  • Create A Blog -- simple way to create a blog for yourself.

Hope these are useful, if anyone has additions to this page, feel free to add them. All vandalism, redundancy, or poorly thought-out adds will be removed.

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