Rappy 4187

aka Rappy

  • I live in Florida
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is Senior Editor Experience Specialist
  • I am male
  • Bio Testing.
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[ - Lord of Pyrus]
{| width="100%" style="background: transparent; "
| valign="top" width="50%" style="background: #333333; border: 2px solid #000000; padding: .5em 1em; -moz-border-radius: 1em"|
Welcome to the Call of Duty Wiki. Although everyone is welcome to make constructive contributions here, at least one of your [[Special:Contributions/Rappy 4187|recent edits]]{{#if:User:Sactage|, such as the one you made to "User:Sactage",}} did not appear to be constructive, and has been reverted. Vandalism includes, but is not limited to:
[[File:Call of Duty Wiki logo warning template.png|200px|right]]
*Removing information from articles
*Spamming articles
*Adding inappropriate/rude/offensive comments/pictures to articles
*Creating spam pages
*Uploading offensive/rude images
*Adding incorrect information to articles multiple times
*Undoing perfectly good edits
*Renaming pages to incorrect/inappropriate names
Please use [[Call of Duty Wiki:Sandbox|the sandbox]] for any test edits you would like to make, and I strongly urge you to read the [[Call of Duty Wiki:Policy|policy page]] to learn more about contributing constructively to this wiki. If you continue vandalizing, you will be subject to a block. Remember, we can easily undo vandalism with a few clicks of the mouse. Thank you.
:{{User:Sactage/s.js}} 19:11, January 1, 2013 (UTC)

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Welcome to the team Edit

Woods with Commando BO

Welcome aboard, Rappy 4187.

Greetings from SOG, recruit. We're happy to have you aboard at the Call of Duty Wiki, so here's a briefing on how you can help:

Our policies are something you should get familiar with, so you can have a good understanding of our rules. You will find very helpful information on what is and is not allowed on the wiki.
Recent changes is a great second stop for beginners, because you can see what pages other people people are interested in, and which ones might need your talents!
The Sandbox is a great place to test things out if this is your first time editing wikis. It is advisable to know what is commonplace on the wiki, such as templates and categories, and how to use them.
Have questions? You can ask at the Help desk, or post a message on my talk page! Also feel free to contact an administrator; sysops' names are highlighted in green and bureaucrats' names are highlighted in cyan. But remember, my friend, we are all in this fight together, so feel free to ask anyone you like - we are always watching each other's backs!
Have feedback? The War Room is used to discuss changes to wiki or other community related issues. You'll need 50 main space edits to vote, recruit, but your opinion is still appreciated!

I look forward to having you here, my friend! It is always good to have another soldier on the front lines of editing!

-- Azuris (Talk) 05:45, 2010 December 20

Help Edit

Can you help enable this script???

- Lord of Pyrus

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