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A utility is a mechanism utilised in the Zombies series of gamemodes, Utilities are functions of a map that are interactable in a fashion to provide aid to a player at the cost of Points. Traps are a subsection of Utilities that directly damage zombies but in turn can directly down and even kill an unwitting player.

Types of Utilities

Utilities are often divided into multiple types, primarily that of mobility, defensive and supportive.


  • Zipline - This is a type of lift only seen in Shi No Numa and Call of the Dead. It brings the players from one location to the other, only costing 1000 to access. Normal ziplines appear in Call of the Dead. They are free to use and usable by zombies along with players. The zipline also features in Zetsubou No Shima and costs 250 points, where it will take you from Lab A to the Docks.
  • Elevator - An elevator is a type of utility featured in "Five" and in Die Rise where they transport the player between the floors.
    • In "Five" two of them can be found, one being small and the other being relatively big. They cost 250 points to use. 
    • They show up again in Die Rise to connect the levels of the skyscrapers (except the top half of the split skyscraper), in addition to carrying Perk-a-Cola machines and the Pack-a-Punch Machine. They automatically move between floors, and players must stand upon their roof to use them since the Perk-a-Cola or Pack-a-Punch machine blocks the entrance to the car. This can be dangerous since the elevator could move to its top floor and crush the player against the ceiling. The doors on each floor also always remain open, so players must be careful not to enter these doors if the elevator is too far down, or not even below in the first place.
  • Teleporter - A type of utility used to transport players to a certain location.
    • In Der Riese, each teleporter brings the players back to the mainframe and costs 1500 points to use each time. In Kino der Toten, it brings players to the Pack-a-Punch room and is free to use. In both aforementioned maps, the teleporters must first be linked to the mainframe before they can be used, and they have a cooling period between repeat use. While the teleporters in Der Riese are linked permanently, the teleporter is unlinked after each use in Kino der Toten. The Teleporters also reappear on the map The Giant and Der Eisendrache in Call of Duty: Black Ops III and cost 500 points to use, being two-way in Der Eisendrache.
    • In "Five", the teleporters are different. They teleport the player to another random teleporter. Unlike the other two levels featuring teleporters, zombies can use them too. They are free to use and they teleport the player immediately instead of waiting three seconds, though they require a brief cooldown period after being used.
    • In Moon, the teleporter is free to use and teleports the players between the moon and Area 51. It will only activate on the moon when all of the players are on it, and will only activate in Area 51 when all players are on it or one player reaches it after the alarm ends. Players do not control its activation, rather it activates when the conditions are fulfilled.
    • In Dead Ops Arcade, they can be found every four rounds and will teleport the player to the next area.
    • Mainframe - This is where players are teleported to after using the teleporters on Der Riese or Kino der Toten. On the two maps, the mainframe is located on the starting lobby.
  • Lunar Lander - This utility is featured exclusively in Ascension. It costs 250 points to use, but can be called to another pad for free. It brings the players back to the starting room except if in the starting room then it takes the player to a random location. Activating and using all three landing pads and then using a switch will launch the rocket and open the door to the Pack-a-Punch Machine. When arriving, landers kill any object beneath them.
  • Flinger - The Flinger is a utility exclusive to Call of the Dead and sends players and zombies flying across the map. It automatically activates a few seconds after a player steps on it. It has a delay between somebody standing on it and it activating. Zombies are killed when flung while the players are flung to the entrance of the lighthouse.
  • Ice Slide - The Ice Slide is a utility exclusive to Call of the Dead. It allows the player to travel from the bottom of the lighthouse to the area where Speed Cola and the Sickle are located. Zombies and players alike can use it at no cost.
  • Water Slide - The Water Slide is a utility in Shangri-La. It has only one entrance, is free to use, and is one-way.
  • Mine Cart - The Mine Cart appears in Shangri-La and is a fast way to move from one side of the map to the other. It is only one-way, as it knocks players off at the end and then rolls back up.
  • Geyser - The Geyser shoots players and zombies from the underground area to the surface. It is pressure-activated and takes a few seconds to activate. Geysers are exclusive to Shangri-La, and the power does not need to be on to the geyser to be used.
  • Reservoir Trap - This utility is exclusive to Shangri-La, is free to use and is activated by using a switch. It is located at the base of the waterfall on a boulder surrounded by water. When the player is able to activate it, a prompt will appear that says "Do NOT Press (action button)". When the player holds it, the water current gets stronger and pushes all of the zombies down and players to its edge.
  • Gravity Lift - The Gravity Lifts appear in Moon and are free to use and let players travel quickly from one point to another. There are many located in the Bio-Dome and one located below the starting room.
  • Bus - The Bus is a part of the new zombies map Green Run while playing the game mode Tranzit. It is used as transport around the map.
  • Gondola - The Gondola is a utility that is exclusive to Mob of the Dead that costs 750 points. It can carry players to and from the Docks and the Prison. It needs to be charged in Afterlife. Zombies and Brutus are also capable of being transported by it.
  • Mark IV Tank - The Mark IV tanks is a utility exclusive to Origins. It costs 500 points to use and takes the player from the church to the tank station before it has to recharge, then once it cools down it takes you back to the church. The tank can also be called from the tank station, costing 500 points. The tank is used to find the parts for the Staff of Lightning.
  • Tram - The Tram appears on the map Shadows of Evil, located at the three districts where you are able to call it to move across the map. It contains a purchasable Bootlegger and is used to make the Apothicon Sword.
  • Wundersphere - The Wundersphere appears on the map Der Eisendrache, located at several locations around the map. Landing Pads around the map must be activated to their respective Wundersphere before it can be used.
  • Sewer Pipe - The Sewer Pipe is a utility featured in Zetsubou No Shima which costs 500 points and takes the player from the bunker to Lab B and vice versa.
  • Bridge - The Bridge is featured in Gorod Krovi and costs 500 points. It allows the player to move from the top floor of the infirmary to the top floor of the armory and vice versa. It also has a buyable HVK-30 in it.


  • Electro-Shock Defenses - The Electro-Shock Defenses provide a barrier of electricity, which instantly kills anything that runs through, including the player unless they have Juggernog. It costs 1000 points to activate. In Dead Ops Arcade the Electro-Shock Defenses are posts and kill anything that hit them, including players. They don't give points to the players when the zombies die.
  • Flogger - It is a large rotating wooden trap with long bars and barbed wire. It kills anything that interferes with it, including players. It appears only in Shi No Numa and costs 750 to use. It is only available after the player opens the gate to the Fishing Hut. It only costs 750 points to use in the iPhone and iPod versions.
  • Sentry Gun - A utility found in Kino der Toten and Ascension. In Kino der Toten, there are two of them, one on the stage, and another in the Foyer, near Speed Cola. Both cost 1500 points to use, 10 if Fire Sale is active. In Ascension, there are two automatic turrets, one near the upper door leading to the Centrifuge Room, the other one being outside of the Pack-a-Punch Room where the rocket was launched.
  • Fire Pit - This utility was introduced in Kino der Toten and returned in Ascension. It costs 1000 points and will kill anything that comes into contact with it. When activated in Kino der Toten, part of the floor goes up in flames. In Ascension, the pits appear as vents that shoot fire when activated and are placed at choke points.
  • Fan Trap (Black Ops II) - The Fan Trap appears in the map Mob of the Dead and costs 1000 points. It is located at the warden's office and when activated two rotating fans slice the zombies up. The player can go through the trap when active by crawling through it while prone.
  • Acid Trap - The Acid Trap appears in the map Mob of the Dead costing 1000 points to use, and is located at the entrance to the cafeteria. The trap works by spraying acid from the ceiling, killing all zombies (and any players) caught in it.
  • Tower Trap - The Tower Trap is featured in Mob of the Dead costing 1000 points to use. The trap features a sniper on the top who shoots the zombies as they attack the player. The trap can be upgraded by going into Afterlife mode and zapping the panel while the trap is active. This causes the trap to shoot rockets instead of bullets, although it can create crawlers instead of instantly killing them.
  • Chain Trap - The Chain Trap appears on the map Shadows of Evil and costs 1000 points. When activated a large chain will come out of the walls and kill the zombies that try to pass through it.
  • Death Ray - The Death Ray appears on the map Der Eisendrache, located on the Bastion. Once activated, the whole Bastion is covered in an electric field except the staircase leading to the Wundersphere.
  • Gate Trap - The Gate Trap appears on the map Der Eisendrache at the entrance to the lower courtyard next to Double Tap Root Beer. When activated, two large metal gates crash down on the zombies that attempt to get through them and instantly kills them.
  • Fan Trap (Black Ops III) - The Fan Trap appears in Zetsubou No Shima and is located near the anti-air battery. It functions by sucking the zombies into the fan at the side.
  • Propeller Trap - The Propeller Trap is featured in Zetsubou No Shima, near the crashed plane. It works by two propellers coming down when activated which slice the zombies which try to go through them, although the player can crouch/slide through them.
  • Flinger Trap - The Flinger Trap appears on the map Gorod Krovi and is located outside Dragon Command and outside of The Hatchery. It functions by flinging the zombies back in a similar manner to the Flinger in Call of the Dead.
  • Gigant Finger Trap - The Gigant Finger Trap appears on the map Gorod Krovi. It is located just outside the tank factory and when activated, two of the Giant Robot fingers crush any zombies that attempt to pass through.
  • Gigant Eye Beam Trap - The Gigant Eye Beam Trap is featured on the map Gorod Krovi, and is located near the tank factory and the supply depot. The Trap functions by firing a large red laser beam from either of the crashed Giant Robot's found on the map.


Mystery Box

Main article: Mystery Box
BO1 Mystery Box.jpg

Introduced in Call of Duty: World at War on the map Nacht der Untoten, the Mystery Box has became one of the most reoccurring elements in all of the Zombies series, appearing not only in Treyarch devolved games but also Sledgehammer's Nazi Zombies, while both Exo Zombies and Infinite Warfare Zombies having derivates of it. The Mystery Box costs 950 Points within Treyarch games while costing 1,000 Jolts in Nazi Zombies.

Sniper Cabinet

Main article: Sniper Cabinet
Sniper Cabinet Nacht der Untoten BO3.png

Exclusively found on Nacht der Untoten, the Sniper Cabinet offers an exclusive method to get a Sniper Rifle rather than utilising the Mystery Box. Costing 1,500 points in Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops while in Call of Duty: Black Ops III the cost has been increased to 5,000 points. Uniquely in Call of Duty: Zombies rather than providing a Sniper Rifle, the cabinet will provide the player a M2 Flamethrower for 2,000 points.

Power Switch

Main article: Power Switch
Power BO4.png

Introduced originally as part of Verrückt in Call of Duty: World of War, the Power Switch introduced the "Power" mechanic to Zombies maps, a pre-requisite to accessing some, if not all important features of a map. This feature has reappeared in different fashions across the different gamemodes, such as most maps in Infinite Warfare utilising multiple Power Switches, with activating one providing power to an area rather than the full map. Activation of the power is often a pre-requirement for the Story Easter Eggs, as sections of them require interactions with machinery.

Perk-a-Cola Machines

Main article: Perk-a-Cola
Juggernog Transparent BOCW.png

Brought in as part of Verrückt in Call of Duty: World of War with additional Perks being added to the series over the years. Perk-a-Cola Machines, when turned on after the Power Switch has been flipped, can dispense bottles (Or in the case of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, cans) that provide abilities similar to the multiplayer Perks. Excluding Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, upon being downed a player will lose all perks and will not regain them on being revived. Within Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, a player will lose perks dependant on how long they are downed for, losing more for being downed longer. Prior to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and baring specific cases, only four perks may be brought at once with any subsequent attempt to purchase one met with the machine being non-operational while Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War allows for a suite of six Perks.

Pack-a-Punch Machine

Main article: Pack-a-Punch Machine
Pack-a-Punch Machine Der Riese WaW.png

First found as part of Der Riese, the Pack-a-Punch Machine allows the player to upgrade their weapon for the cost of 5,000 points, increasing the stats of the weapon in a multitude of ways. In Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the upgraded weapon can the attachments re-rolled for 2,000 points. While in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, it was increased to 2,500 points and will instead give a unique "perk" to the gun; this is expanded upon in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, where they are given the name of "Alternate Ammo Types" and upgrading the weapon again will give it a damage boost, up to an additional four times before the price is dropped down to 1,500 to swap the Alternate Ammo Type. However within Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the system is completely revamped with Alternate Ammo Types replaced with Ammo Mods that do not require the weapon to be upgraded and the upgrades having three levels, costing 5,000 essence, 15,000 essence and 30,000 essence each.

115 Generators

Main article: 115 Generator
115 Generators schematic BOII.png

Unique to Origins, The six 115 Generators around the map act similar to the Power Switch, giving power to the area allowing the Perk-a-Cola Machines and various other resources to be utilised. However unlike the Power Switch, the 115 Generators must be brought to be activated and temporarily defended to fully activate alongside the fact that roaming hordes of Crusader Zombies can spawn can attack the generators, powering them down and forcing a reactivation. Alongside these, both the Mystery Box and the Pack-a-Punch Machine are powered by the 115 Generators in Origins, with the Pack-a-Punch Machine requiring all six Generators being active at once.

Power Generator

Main article: Power Generator
Descent Power Generator AWZ.png

Sledgehammer changes the formula with Zombies by splitting how the Power works with Power Generators. Power Generators power a section of the map and award 100 Credits upon activation. However, they can be turned off by the effect of a Power Drain or during the second encounter against Patient Zero.

Exo Suit Station

Main article: Exo Suit Station
Exoskeleton Station AWZ.png

The Exo within Exo Zombies comes from the Exoskeleton gameplay that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare centres around. However, every map of Exo Zombies starts the heroes off without the Exoskeleton. They must in turn find and power the Exo Suit Station to utilise the advance mobility that the exoskeleton offers alongside the Exo Upgrade system.

Exo Upgrades

Main article: Exo Upgrade
Exo Medic Ingame AW.jpg

Within the Exo Zombies the Perk-a-Cola system has been replaced with the ability to upgrade the Exoskeleton with simple upgrades that enhance the function of the Exoskeleton. When a hero is downed, upgrades are gradually dependant on how long the hero remains downed.

3D Printer

Main article: 3D Printer
3D Printer AW.png

Replacing the Mystery Box in Exo Zombies is the 3D Printer. While costing an additional 50 Credits, bringing the cost of use up to 1,000 per use, the 3D Printer functions nigh identically to the Mystery Box. It does also include a variant of the Fire Sale under the name of Power Surge.

Upgrade Station

Main article: Upgrade Station
Upgrade Station AW.png

Rather than a system similar to the Pack-a-Punch Machine, Exo Zombies features the Upgrade Station, which instead allows a weapon to be upgraded a total of 19 times with a 20th being locked behind the Story Easter Egg. Unlike Pack-a-Punch Upgrades, these upgrades are permanent for the match and will retain even if the weapon is swapped out. Each upgrade gains increased stats, a new camouflage and full ammunition refill while specific upgrade levels, dependant on the weapon will give attachments and additional reserve ammunition.

Decontamination Zone

Main article: Decontamination Zone
Decontamination Zone model AW.png

Within each of the maps of Exo Zombies, Decontamination Zones exist for rounds against the unique zombie type called Hosts. These zombies act as undead hosts for the Manticore bio-weapon, allowing it to infect living targets long after the the original attack. When a player is hit by a Host, they will become infested by the Manticore, starting a countdown of 60 seconds with additional hits by Hosts removing an additional 5 seconds. To cleanse the Manticore, the infected players must stand on the Decontamination Zone and activate it for 250 Credits, which will cleanse all players on it and give temporarily camouflage against the Zombies while putting the Decontamination Zone on cooldown for 10 seconds.

Credit Dispenser

Main article: Credit Dispenser
Credit Dispenser AW.png

Broken credit terminals known as Credit Dispensers appear in Exo Zombies as a method to gain low amounts of credits, with random ones being active around the map, indicated by green screens. Every so often, Credit Dispensers can glitch out and produce much more credits, ranging from 600-1200.

Orbital Care Package

Main article: Orbital Care Package
Orbital Care Package Menu Icon AW.png

As Exo Zombies functions as a continuation of Exo Survival, the Orbital Care Package returns from the mode albeit with some changes to make them more useful. As such, the Orbital Care Package now has a more limited selection of items including Credits, Remote Turrets, Aerial Assault Drone, Camouflage, Sentinel Reinforcements and a unique variant exclusive to Carrier that contains an XS1 Goliath suit.

Camouflage Spray

Main article: Camouflage Spray

Exclusive to the map Infection in Exo Zombies. The Camouflage Spray is installed into a section of the Sewers between the main the main Sewer section and the Burgertown. It is activated for 500 Credits at a terminal, which will cause mist sprayers installed into the ceiling to apply the Camouflague power-up.

Grenade Disposal Machine

Main article: Grenade Disposal Machine
Standard Grenade Disposal Machine AWZ.png

Unique to Carrier. The Grenade Disposal Machine is a Pachinko inspired machine where the heroes can throw Grenades into the disposal slot, where it will drop down into one of the credit awarding platforms. Which it will award the hero that threw the grenade the credit amount and change how the disposal slot acts. Each disposed grenade within a singular round will made the disposal slot more difficult to precisely throw into, resetting upon the start of a new round.

Weapon Disposal Machine

Main article: Weapon Disposal Machine
Inactive Weapon Disposal Machine AWZ.png

Unique to Carrier. The Weapon Disposal Machine is as simple as the name implies, it allows the heroes to trade their currently equipped weapon for credits and other items that are required for the Flotsam & Jetsam story Easter Egg. It however requires a hidden Power Generator to be turned on to function.