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"It seems that some Yanks discovered a resupply schedule for a mobile V2 unit called Batterie #445. Now SOE wants us to take it out."
Sgt. Evans

V-2 Rocket Site is the twenty-fifth campaign mission in Call of Duty. After receiving information that Americans have found intel on a V-2 launch site, SOE gives Evans, Waters, and several other members of the SAS an assignment to destroy three V-2 Rockets at Batterie #445.

The following sections are a walkthrough.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

The player will spawn in a field with Waters. Go forward, but get up on the hill to the right. Get near the top, crouch and scan the area for troops. There are quite a few hiding behind rocks, so scan the rocks first. When the player has taken out everybody in view, go forward until it is possible to see more troops coming in from the front. Snipe them, and go forward.

The player will be in small pit. If the player goes to the left from the entrance, it is possible to find a MG42 nest with a small trench to the left of it. Slowly approach the bunker until it is possible to see the gunner, then snipe him and go back. Then, go up and take out the guys near in the trench. When everybody is dead, go into the MG nest to collect some grenades. Otherwise, go to the left of the trench.

The player will approach a forest. There are many troops hiding behind trees and rocks, so stealth is heavily advised. Try to take out everybody that is in view first, then slowly walk forward. There's a trench near some rocks in the center of the area, so be cautious when the player get past some rocks. Near the end of the area it is possible to find the first Flakvierling anti-aircraft gun in the area at the left. Snipe the troops near it, then blow it up. There's a grenade box near the gun if it is needed.

The Second Gun[edit | edit source]

As soon as the player destroys the gun, troops will be coming in from the right. Snipe them from behind the boxes, and move forward.

On the nearby hill to the player's right is a trench that has three troops, each with an automatic gun. They will find the player no matter where the player hides, so it is necessary to take them out. Get on the hill and walk until it is possible see them, then snipe them. If the player chooses to fight them on the hill, the player will have more cover when they spot the player.

When the player gets near the trench they were at, a MG42 from the left will begin firing. Go on the hill and snipe the gunner. When he's out, continue walking on the hill.

Soon, it is possible to see another Flakvierling anti-aircraft gun, along with a trench to its left and a tent filled with crates to the right. Both the trench and crate area have troops, so try to conceal the player from one side while the player focus on the other. If the player can throw far enough, grenades work great, especially in the crate area.

When all the troops are down, place a bomb on the gun and grab the nearby grenade box if needed. When the gun is destroyed, walk forward into the valley and it is possible to see troops coming in from the left. Get on the other side, go prone and snipe them. When they're dead, it is advised the player goes on the left side and enter the tower for three medium medikits. If they are not needed, just head through the valley.

Exploding Trucks[edit | edit source]

Go through the valley and follow the path until it is possible to see a red-and-white guardhouse. Continue walking until it is possible to see a Opel Blitz truck drive up. It'll blow up, and the truck behind it will stop, but explode before it can let it's troops out. Get near the trucks and the player can find some allies pop up from the nearby rocks and join the player. Go to where they were, and keep going.

Going to the rockets[edit | edit source]

At the very end of the rocks, troops will try to ambush the player. As soon as it is possible to see them, hide behind a nearby rock and snipe them. The player might have to reposition themselves, but if the player crouch while doing so, they shouldn't be severely injured.

When the rock troops are dead, go forward, and scan the area for troops with the player's rifle. There are quite a few here, and some like to hide behind the rocks at the far-right, so keep an eye out there.

Go though the forest, and it is possible to find an MG42 tower across a road. Snipe the gunner before he notices the player, then go up and finish off whomever is left with the player's pistol or SMG. There's a grenade box inside the tower if needed.

At this point the player can enter the V2 rocket area in two ways; either through the path on the left or the one on the right. The left path leads to the back of a MG42 tower, allowing the player to snipe the nearby troops before they even notice the player. The right path is the "normal" path, and the MG42 tower will notice the player.

Either way, take out everybody in the tower, then move to the tower across from it. Near the back, troops will be coming in from the entrance, but since the player is on top of them, toss a grenade to confuse them and possibly kill one or two. Take out an SMG and finish them off, then go inside and get to the top of the tower. It is possible to see an MG42 gunner firing from a bunker further across the road, so snipe him.

Get out of the tower and head across the V2 rockets to the crates on the upper right corner. When the player gets near the crates, take a right until it is possible to see a trench below the player. Take out an SMG and mow down the troops coming in, then go into the bunker they came from and clear it out. When the player is in there, make sure to take a right at the crossroad and finish off the MG gunners.

After clearing out the bunker, go back into the trench and finish off the troops inside. Keep going forward and the player will find themselves in another bunker.

Destroying the Rockets[edit | edit source]

When the player gets inside the bunker, go in and take a right. From here, the player can go left or straight. Left has some troops that might attack the player from behind later if the player doesn't deal with them now, so toss a few grenades into the left side and finish off whomever is left. After that, go forward and kill anyone the player sees. At the end, turn left and it is possible to see a long hall leading downwards.

At the end of the hall are troops, with one already peeking from the right corner. When the player sees other troops begin to walk up, take out an SMG and kill them as they come in. If the peeker is still alive, toss a grenade near him to make him run, then get him while he's running around.

In the next room, take a left, and it is possible to find a glowing switch. Pull it, and now the player can place bombs on the V2 rockets. Go back up and get to the rockets. Place a bomb on each.

After they blow, go back to the trench and go into the right bunker that the player cleared out earlier. This time, a door on the left just past the second door has been opened. Go through it and it is possible to exit the map.

Weapon Loadout[edit | edit source]

Starting Loadout

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Explosives

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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