For the character with a similar name, see Zukov.

"You'll report to him from here on out."

Major V. S. Zubov (Russian: В. С. Зубов) was a Soviet Red Army soldier who was in command of soldiers launching the counterattacks on Stalingrad.


Alexei was ordered by Makarov to report to him that they retook Red Square. Pushing through the train station, he gets to his headquarters. Later he promotes Alexei to Junior Sergeant and orders him to find out the situation on Pavlov's patrol to Pavlov's House, and if they were there, he was ordered to help them and if not, report back to headquarters. He also recommended for him to take the sewers.


  • Unused sound files found in Call of Duty 2's IWD files indicates that Zubov was originally going to appear in the game, but was scrapped.
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