For the weapon with the same name, see V-2 Rocket.
"Fight in Peenemünde, famous site of the German V2 Rocket facility. Come prepared for fast-paced battles to control the center rocket."
— Description

V2 is a small map in Call of Duty: WWII. It is part of the second DLC pack The War Machine taking the fight to a German rocket facility.


A simplistic, small, chaotic, square shaped combat field with a functional V2 Rocket located at the very middle. Navigation, without opposing threats, isn't complicated with several routes leading directly towards the rocket holder. Long range weaponry isn't essential since combat is close quarters while air and explosive based scorestreaks annhilates most areas.


Mostly outdoors with few indoor passageways. V2 Rocket itself is the main attraction with a lot of friendlies or oppositions attempting to control the area.

Deployment/Spawn Point:Edit

  • Allies - V1 Rocket. Southeast bottom corner.
  • Axis - Fuel Tank Assembly. Northwest top corner.

Accessible Indoors:Edit

  • Fuel Shack - Smallest Room. Connects with the Fuel Platform to the Transport Lot with stairs leading to the third platform of the rocket.
  • Rocket Parts Warehouse - Largest Room. Flanks from V1 Rocket to both Transport Lot and South Pit with a large window surveying the pit.

V2 RocketEdit

Tallest and active structure. There are multiple ways to enter the rocket holder. Through the North and South Pit leading the Blast Pit, a ladder can be climbed to the rocket's ground floor. Ground floor itself has entrances from both Transport Lot and Train Terminal. From there, a stair case reaches to the holder's platform. Other conventional ways to enter the platform is by either using the available stair case from the Transport Lot or hopping unto the hanging rocket shuttle from the Train Terminal jumping to the opening.


  • On the very top of the rocket, which can be reached with a ladder, a red button stating "DO NOT PRESS" activates the rocket emitting massive flames obliterating anybody on it's path covering most of the Blast Pit and entirety of the ground floor.

Objective LocationsEdit


  • Capture Point A - V1 Rocket.
  • Capture Point B - V2 Rocket Ground Floor.
  • Capture Point C - Fuel Tank Assembly.




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